Bronhikum pastilles

Bronhikum - a herbal drug that is used to treat colds of the bronchi and lungs.

Pharmacological action

Bronhikum has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial activity, liquefies phlegm and facilitates its expectoration.

The pharmacological action of the drug due to the medicinal properties forming part of the extract herb thyme.

Product form

Producing Bronhikum syrup, lozenges, an extract and drops.


In the opinion of Bronhikum successfully used as an expectorant in treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which is accompanied by cough.

It is also effective in Bronhikum paroxysmal cough.

Instructions for use Bronhikum

According to the instructions Bronhikum as lozenges administered to children older than 12 liters and adults to take up to three p / night for 1-2pcs. Children aged 6-12l - and three p / night for one lozenge.

 Bronhikum syrup

Syrup Bronhikum adolescents and adults appoint 10ml (2 ch.lozh.) Three p / day. Babies 6-12l - 5ml (1 teaspoon) three p / day; aged 2-6l - two rows 5ml / day; 1-2goda. - 2, 5 ml (0, 5 ch.lozh.) Three p / day; 6-12mes. - 2, two rows of 5ml / day.

Cough Drops Bronhikum appointed interior adolescents and adults on 20-30kap. from 3 to 5 times / day. Babies 6-14l - 20kap., And younger children - do15kap. hot tea or dripped sugar.

Elixir Bronhikum for instructions appointed interior adults every two to three hours (no more than 6 times / day) -1 ch.lozh. For kids - two or three times / day - 0, 5-1 ch.lozh.

side effects

Judging by the reviews Bronhikum can cause side effects on the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis, nausea, indigestion. It is also possible manifestation of allergic reaction - hives, skin rash, mucosal edema, face, throat.

In the case of the listed side effects, you should stop taking Bronhikum and seek medical advice.


Bronhikum cough is not indicated if the patient sensitivity to component means fructose intolerance, heart failure, glucose-fructose malabsorption, pregnancy and lactation. It is also possible appointment Bronhikum if the patient deficiency of the enzyme sucrase isomaltase, and, in severe pathology of the liver and kidneys.

Syrup Bronhikum due to the presence of alcohol in its composition is not indicated for children under 6mes. and patients with chronic alcoholism.

Pastilles Bronhikum cough is not appointed for children under 6 liters.