Bromkamfora pills

Bromkamfora - synthetic combination drug that is used in anxiety states.

The main active ingredient: camphor bromide.

Pharmacological group: Psychotropic drugs (sedatives and hypnotics).

The pharmacological action of the drug

Bromkamfora has a mild sedative effect on the central nervous system, as well as a favorable effect on the function of the cardiovascular system by improving its operations.

Preparations Brom have the ability to enhance the inhibitory processes in the brain. According to some reports they establish the balance of the balance between excitation and inhibition, especially at high excitability of the central nervous system. Facilitates the attack of natural sleep. All bromine compounds are converted in the liver to metabolites which are in the form of simple substances excreted by the kidneys.

Product form: powder and tablet in a dose of 150 mg and 250 mg

It packed in cans of orange 10 and Table 30.

Application Bromkamfory

The instructions to Bromkamfore indicated that the drug is used in asthenia, cardioneurosis (labile blood pressure, false angina, tachycardia), increased nervous excitability, neurasthenia in Vol. H. And sex.

Some doctors prescribe Bromkamforu mastitis and when to stop breastfeeding.

Influence Bromkamfory lactation due to its effect on the central nervous system inhibits. Because of this aligned hormones and stops lactation.

Instructions for use and the dose Bromkamfory


Bromkamforu adults appoint 100-500 mg 2-3 times a day.

Children drug is dosed according to age: 10-100 mg 2-5let, 150-250 mg 6-12 years 2-3 times a day.

The drug is recommended to be taken after meals.

Side effect

When taken on an empty stomach can cause Bromkamfora gastralgia (stomach ache), dyspepsia (nausea, vomiting).

If overdose occur cramps, difficulty breathing and other symptoms of poisoning by bromine. An urgent need to call an ambulance. At home, for the emergency can cause vomiting and take a laxative.

Contraindications Bromkamfory

Application Bromkamfory contraindicated if you are hypersensitive drug, hepatic or renal insufficiency.


Bromkamforu can be given to children on prescription.

Adults should be avoided during treatment work that requires quick response and high concentration.

Store in tightly closed original cans from the manufacturer, in a cool dark place, out of reach of children.

Shelf life: more than 10 years.