Branolind is permeable ointment dressings of cotton cloth for the treatment of bruises, cuts, burns and other skin injuries of varying depth and severity. Dressings promote healing, accelerate the regeneration process and eliminate scars.  Branolind - healing wounds

Widespread use Branolind received in dermatology and plastic surgery.

Structure and Composition Branolind

Branolind Peruvian balsam is produced in the form of cloth bandages, which are impregnated with antiseptic and healing ointment.

The composition of each dressing includes: Branolind 1g ointment, Peru balsam 40 mg, glycerin, petrolatum, cetomacrogol, purified fat.

Each package has a 10-30 mesh pieces of sterile bandages, Branolind also can be produced in a single package.

Indications Branolind

Branolind indicated for the treatment and healing of wounds, skin burn injuries, chronic wounds, festering sores and frostbite.

Positive feedback has Branolind as an antiseptic to protect and cleanse the wound after transplantation.

Pharmacological properties Branolind

Branolind Peruvian balsam promotes rapid healing of wounds, accelerates the outflow inflamed secretions and prevents infection. Ointment dressings do not interfere with air circulation and accelerate the growth of tissues.

These sterile dressings have anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect, as well as long-lasting antiseptic properties.

Good reviews Branolind has as a remedy for the healing of venous ulcers, frostbite and chemical lesions.

After skin grafts, these dressings can be used to improve the healing of tissues and accelerate the growth of the epithelium.

Branolind has hypoallergenic properties, it does not irritate the skin and is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Peruvian balsam in the composition of bandages is an oily liquid of dark color with the smell of vanilla, which is effective for healing and is used by physicians in the 16th century. This balsam consists of mineral acids and oils having an effective therapeutic effect.

Branolind Peruvian balsam produces high therapeutic effect, increasing the protective functions of the body, due to the content of benzoic acid, rosin alcohols and vanilla.  Ointment dressings Branolind

Instructions for use Branolind

In accordance with the instructions before using Branolind should be unpacked, then cut the size of the bandage a wound or burn and remove the protective film and put a bandage on the damaged area.

If necessary, you can lock the dressing on top bandage or sterile absorbent cloth.

According to the instructions, Branolind must be changed every day (for burns 2-3 days) for ligation and used during treatment of the wound.

These ointment dressings are suitable for use in adults and children, as well as effective in healing both superficial and deep lesions.

With burns dressings Branolind must use at all stages, because they do not form the burn eschar and protect the surface from the harmful effects of the environment. Healing and analgesic effect of each bandage lasts 40 to 74 hours.


Contraindications to the use Branolind are idiosyncrasy and the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug, especially in the Peruvian balsam.

Do not use these antiseptic dressings tissue affected by necrosis.