Bonefos - a drug for the treatment of bone lesions.  Bonefos concentrate for solution

Pharmacological action bonefos

The active substance bonefos - clodronic acid from the group of bisphosphonates, which inhibit osteoclast activity, causing bone destruction.

There are positive reviews of bonefos, applicable to patients with primary breast cancer - the drug reduces the risk of bone metastases. Among the patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer and treated with Bonefos, marked reduction in mortality.

Product form

Bonefos release capsules, solutions and concentrates for making it.


Capsules Bonefos and the solution is prescribed for hypercalcemia that occurs on a background of cancer.

Capsules Bonefos prescribed for osteolytic metastases of malignant tumors in the bones and multiple myeloma.

The instructions bonefos also pointed out that it can also be used to prevent formation of bone metastases in breast cancer.

Instructions bonefos: how to use

The capsules should not be chewed Bonefos before taking.

The recommended daily dosage - 1600mg, it is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, one p / day, wash down with 250ml of water. An hour after receiving the money can not eat, drink anything other than plain water, taking other medications.

If you assign higher dose Bonefos - 3200mg, it is taken in two steps. First 1600mg drink essentially as described above and taken as the second 1600mg 60min before eating, drinking or other drug therapy (or two hours after).

According to the instructions Bonefos hypercalcemia that occurred after the formation of malignant tumors are preferably administered intravenously. If you assign a capsule to take their dosage 2400-3200mg every day. When calcium levels fall, and the patient is stabilized, the dosage is gradually adjusted to 1600mg.

For the prevention of bone metastases in primary breast cancer are taking every day 1600mg Bonefos.

When osteolytic bone changes caused by malignant tumors, hypercalcemia if not, treatment is initiated with a daily dosage of 1600mg. According to the testimony it can be increased up to 3200mg / day.

The solution according to the instructions Bonefos administered intravenously. Concentrate for its preparation is diluted in sodium chloride 0 to 9% or 5% glucose.

Enter drug at 300 mg for two hours every day. Longer treatment is not carried out the week. Good reviews on Bonefos, applicable under the scheme: 1500mg administered once intravenous drip for four hours.  Bonefos capsules

Side effects

More often than not, judging by the reviews, Bonefos causes diarrhea. May also develop asymptomatic hypocalcemia, vomiting, nausea, elevated liver enzymes, skin reactions, uveitis, scleritis, episcleritis, conjunctivitis, bronchospasm and breathing problems (for those who are ill with bronchial asthma), kidney failure, ostenekroz jaw (rarely) pain in the bones, muscles and joints.

Contraindications bonefos

Capsules and solution for Bonefos instructions can not be taken in case of intolerance clodronic acid, other bisphosphonates during treatment with other bisphosphonates, while feeding and pregnancy, they do not prescribe to children.

Capsules are contraindicated in hereditary lactase deficiency, congenital galactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption.

It is undesirable to appoint Bonefos simultaneously nesteroidami, particularly diclofenac, caution abide by combining the drug with aminoglycosides.

With care prescribe a drug for people with kidney failure.

You can not take means both products and preparations containing calcium, such as milk, as well as food and drugs containing divalent cations.