Blemaren - this drug has the ability to excrete uric acid, to destroy and remove the urinary calculi (stones).

Pharmacological action

Application blemaren helps neutralize the urine, resulting in growth stops and there is a destruction of uric acid stones.

Blemaren allows you to maintain urine pH in the range 6, 6-6, 8. Such conditions (alkalization of urine) increases the possibility of dissolution of uric acid.

Long-term use blemaren contributes not only to the dissolution of urinary stones and prevents their appearance. This property suggests positive feedback Blemarene.

The bioavailability of the drug is 100%. Excreted in the urine.

Product form

Blemaren produced in the form of effervescent tablets and granules 300 grams per dosage package with a spoon. Attached to the preparation indicator to determine the pH of urine and check the calendar.

Dosing and Administration blemaren

According to the instructions Blemarenu, effervescent tablets must be dissolved a glass of tea, fruit juice or alkaline mineral water. Blemaren dose per day is from 2 to 6 tablets.

 Blemaren, effervescent tablets
 The instructions to Blemarenu stated that the dose of the drug in the granules is set individually and averages from 3 to 6 grams, which should be taken two or three times a day after meals. Dose depends on the pH of urine during the day.

To dissolve uric acid stones urine pH should vary 6, 2-7; for destruction of cystine stones - 7, 5-8, 5; for the treatment of porphyria - 7, 2-7, 5. If the urine pH value is higher or lower than recommended, the dose blemaren respectively increase or decrease.

Monitoring the pH of urine is carried out three times a day before use blemaren. For this purpose the pH paper and check the calendar, which records the figures obtained. Reviews Blemarene show that it does not cause any inconvenience, conversely, facilitating the calculation of dosage.

side effects

The drug is well tolerated by patients. This is evidenced by the positive reviews of Blemarene. In rare cases, after application blemaren possible violations of the gastrointestinal tract.


According to the instructions Blemarenu, contraindications to its use are those diseases:

- Urinary tract infection in chronic form with the presence of bacteria which break down urea;

- Renal failure in acute and chronic forms;

- Circulatory failure.