Black Cumin

Black Cumin - low (up to 40 cm) herb.  Black Cumin
 Stalk him branching, covered with fine hairs. Leaves much dissected. Flowering black cumin in midsummer blue flowers, very small. It was after flowering in late summer, the seeds are formed, which are a wonderful drug raw materials. They are used for the manufacture of medicinal oil. Collect the black seed from late summer until September.

In the East, black cumin is very popular: people there consider it a sacred plant and used it for 3000 years. In the East since ancient times believed that the treatment of black cumin and its use for the prevention gets rid of any disease.

Previously, cumin grown only in tropical countries. Gradually, cumin, and appeared in Russia. It can be seen in the south and southeast of the country, where thyme grows like a weed.

Other names of black cumin are as follows:

  • Nigella;
  • Chernuha;
  • Black coriander.

The composition and the beneficial properties of black cumin

The oil of black cumin seed contains in its composition more than 100 components, and some of them are even more poorly investigated. Black cumin seed contains 35% fatty oil, and about 0, 5% of essential oil. The use of black seed treatment is carried out using a powder and seed oils. Thus, in either case, nutrients are used in the seeds of plants.

The chemical composition of black cumin is very rich:

  • Calcium;
  • Iron;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • B vitamins;
  • Vitamin E group;
  • Acid.

List of acid in the cumin quite large

  • Oleic;
  • Linoleic;
  • Palmitic;
  • Stearin;
  • Eicosenic;
  • Alpha-linolenic.

With this composition, the use of black seed for the treatment and prevention of many diseases have all the evidence. The use of black cumin beneficial effect on the body:

  • There is a revitalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Eliminates fermentation, colic, belching and heartburn;
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Black cumin also acts as:

  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Analgesic - with headache, toothache;
  • Cleansing - with skin problems (ulcers, acne, boils);
  • Cancer - for prevention and treatment of cancer (especially, pancreatic cancer);
  • Antispasmodic - painful menstruation.

Bread made with black cumin, like many of the unmatched flavor and original taste. Research found that even inhaling the smell of cumin significantly improves well-being.

The use of black seed for the treatment of

The use of black cumin has long been known. Thus, as an oil cumin used for the following purposes:

  • As an anthelmintic (on an empty stomach, with pumpkin seeds and garlic);
  • As cosmetic to prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy, after childbirth;
  • For the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis;
  • To enhance immunity;
  • To enhance the growth of hair and nails;
  • As an antifungal agent;
  • Removes from the skin inflammation, cracked;
  • It dissolves kidney stones and gall bladder;
  • Treats cold (SARS, influenza, bronchitis, sore throat);
  • It helps with rheumatism relief of pain and inflammation.

When kidney stones should eat caraway seeds and honey, then the effect of the use of black seed for the treatment of this disease will be maximized. The use of black cumin can improve human performance and vitality.

Reviews of black cumin testify to the active use of black cumin and other forms. Thus, roasted seeds are crushed, add vegetable oil. This compound is an excellent substitute for nasal drops with any colds, followed by cold.

Warming a compress of black cumin, according to reviews, you can do so: the seeds embedded in the fabric bandage, fix and impose on the forehead, legs, arms, back.

The use of black seed as a beverage (welded seeds) is responsible for its soothing properties. This drink is a beneficial impact on the state of the nervous system.

As we know from comments about black cumin, this means great impact on circulation. Skin color, thus, becomes much better.

There are reviews of cumin black scientists, set its powerful effects on blood vessels. Thus, thyme can be used to treat disease. It is scientifically proven that the use of black seed for the treatment of cerebral vascular sclerosis gives a good effect.

The use of black cumin shows young mothers, when they have adjusted lactation. Cumin has the property to increase milk production in the mammary glands.

Regular consumption of cumin in products to appear will prevent worms and other parasites in the body. In addition, this plant serves as a means of prevention of intestinal dysbiosis.

The use of black cumin is able to reduce blood sugar levels, and therefore is indicated for patients with diabetes. Useful substances as part of cumin can reduce painful lymph nodes, improves vision. It helps cumin as a fixing agent for diarrhea (diarrhea) and difficulty urinating.

There are reviews of black cumin as a means for getting rid of warts and moles. In this case, a paste of ground seeds are mixed with honey and applied to the affected area, wear a bandage for a day. Even in ancient times were known for reviews of black seed as a means to get rid of leprosy.

A great way to get rid of phlegm with colds - Take caraway seeds from the juice of a lemon.

Smoke from the burning cumin can get rid of pesky insects.

Restorative property of black cumin in its application due to the fact that the nutrients in its composition can stimulate bone marrow and immune system cells. This is evidenced by reviews of black cumin research scientists IMMUNOBIOLOGICAL Laboratory of Southern California.  black cumin oil

In addition, studies of these scholars in a review of the black cumin prove use of this drug as a powerful tool in the fight against cancer.

The substances in the composition of cumin are an antidote for snake bites and poisonous insects.

Contraindications to the use of black cumin

With all the variety of useful properties of cumin, its use has virtually no side effects.

Do not use this black cumin only to women during pregnancy. When breastfeeding is allowed to use black cumin to treat only with external application.

In addition, the danger is the treatment of black cumin patients transplanted organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys. This is due to the fact that in the case of black cumin human immune system is greatly enhanced, and that can lead to rejection of organs.