Bischofite brine

Bishofit relates to anti-inflammatory drugs balneotherapy, which are based on natural substances.

Pharmacological action

Bishofit - a natural mineral, which consists of a sodium-chloride-magnesium complex also incorporates a bromine, iodine, iron, and other elements. The method of obtaining Bishofit: drilling. Application Bishofit help reduce inflammation and relieve pain in inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature. This is confirmed by the positive feedback on Bischoff.

Product form

Bishofit (brine) produced in glass containers, as well as in the form of gel (balm) in a tube.

Indications Bishofit

Bischofite used topically as a spa means (mud, mineral water) in the following diseases:

- Deforming arthrosis;

- Sciatica;

- Rheumatoid arthritis;

- Lumbodynia.

Bischofite has a therapeutic effect and other chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular apparatus of inflammatory and degenerative nature. This is evidenced by reviews of Bischoff patients using this drug.

Dosing and Administration Bishofit

Assign bischofite brine in the form of compresses. Before use, you must Bishofit warm area of ​​the body where it will be used in a compress. To this end, a joint or a certain area of ​​the body using a warm heating pad or blue lamp for 3-5 minutes.

 Bischofite gel

Brine Bishofit can be diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 1 or used undiluted. Bishofit rubbed into the affected area for 5 minutes, then put compress. Gauze moistened with saline, applied to the affected area and cover with wax paper. This wrap is particularly effective at night, which is confirmed and reviews of Bischoff. After removing the compress wash skin with warm water.

The duration of treatment is from 10 to 12 treatments, which are carried out every other day.

Bishofit gel is rubbed into the affected area two or three times per day. Bischofite gel is used without the prior warming and without compression. The course of treatment is 10 to 14 days, if necessary in a month Bischofite gel treatment can be repeated.

Side effects

Everyday Bishofit prolonged use can cause irritation and allergic reactions on the skin. In the event of a side effect of Bishofit stopped. It does not recommend the use of a compress with bishofit skin diseases in the inflamed site.

Bishofit cellulite

The use of cellulite Bishofit gives positive results and reduces the "orange peel".

Assign Bishofit of cellulite in the form of compresses and baths. The use of compression involves preheating of the problem area, it is best to use a poultice at night. Make compresses bishofit of cellulite you need in a day, the course - 12 days.

To prepare the bath of cellulite in warm water must add Bishofit liter or 200 grams Bishofit`s salts (rag bag) to receive water treatment 10-20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. Course bathing with bishofit cellulite is 10-12 procedures, frequency - once in two days.