Biotredin - for the treatment of alcoholism, exerts anti-alcohol effect, reduces symptoms occurring against the backdrop of withdrawal syndrome. There are reviews of Biotredine, saying that thanks to its use enhances mental performance and normal metabolism.

Pharmacological action

Availability in the preparation of L-threonine, which in the presence of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is decomposed into glycine and acetaldehyde, stimulates the body redox reactions, the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the cells, and simultaneously activates the braking process.

As the speed regulator of metabolic processes in the tissues of the reviews, Biotredin promotes brain health, improves the physical condition of the abuse of alcohol reduces alcohol withdrawal.

Note Biotredina performance, preparation begins to have an effect on the body, after 10-20 minutes after eating (the tablet dissolves under the tongue).

Product form

Biotredin release tablets 5 mg + 100 mg, ploskotsilindricheskoy shape (bevel separated), white or off-white color.

Blisters containing 30 tablets.


According to the instructions Biotredin prescribed if the patient has a pathological craving for alcohol, which is accompanied by depressed mood, irritability, hunger, internal discomfort. Prescribe the drug in chronic alcoholism, in a state of abstinence syndrome (amid a sharp rejection of alcohol). There are positive reviews of Biotredine, the efficiency of its use by adults, teenagers and children at a reduced concentration to enhance mental performance.

Application Biotredina pregnancy and lactation

Some studies of the effect of the drug on pregnancy and lactation held nebyli, so in such cases, it is not recommended.

But in some situations, when the woman "in the position of" excessive abuse of alcohol, your doctor can estimate the risk of the drug is lower than the harm to the health of the fetus and the future mother of alcohol addiction and assign treatment Biotredinom.

Biotredin, instruction

For the treatment of chronic alcoholism administered 0, 1-0, 3 g of the drug at a time when the use of multiplicity two or three p / day. Duration of the course - 4-5dn.

For the treatment of withdrawal symptoms Biotredin used in day 1 Table 1-4. three or four p / day. Acceptable daily intake - Table 3-16. In the next day - Table 1-2. at one time, two or three p / day (Table 3-6 / day). Duration of the course - 21-28 weeks.

A good effect is complex therapy Biotredin - glycine. For 10-15min. before taking the drug Biotredin, glycine (0, 1 g) resolves under the tongue.

During remission take the drug on an empty stomach 2 3tabletki - to detect hidden alcoholism. If there were signs which indicate that the hidden craving for alcohol is still there (flushing, dizziness, sweating), appointed to take on Biotredin 1-2tabl. two or three p / day. Duration of the course - 5-10dn. In this case, as for 10-15min before the Biotredina, glycine placed under the tongue (0, 1 g).

To improve mental performance, attention sublingual drug prescribed. Teenagers, adults - 1 tablet two or three p / day. Babies Biotredin appointed on the basis of body weight - 2 mg of the drug per kilogram of body weight. The duration of treatment is 3-10 days.

 Biotredin pills

Interaction with other drugs.

Revealed incompatibilities of the drug with neuroleptics, barbiturates, antidepressants, anxiolytics. Biotredin reduces the effect of drugs that target central nervous system depression.

side effects

When using Biotredina can be observed increased sweating, dizziness, and in case of intolerance to pyridoxine - allergic reactions.


According to the instructions Biotredin not prescribed in conjunction with antidepressants barbirutami, tranquilizers, neuroleptic drugs. Also, do not take the drug while intoxicated patient - a therapeutic effect will be lower than expected.

storage conditions.

Store this medication out of the reach of children, dry place, protected from light. Temperature - 25 ° C.

The packaging indicated shelf life (3 years from date of manufacture), after which the use Biotredin prohibited.

It belongs to the group of OTC drugs.