Vitamin complex Biotin
 Biotin - vitamin complex used in hypovitaminosis vitamin H.

Pharmacological action

Biotin or vitamin H, being vital vitamins, involved in the synthesis of higher fatty acids, and also plays an important role in the metabolic processes of the body:

  • Participates in carbohydrate metabolism and interacts with insulin, which is especially important in diabetes, as it helps maintain stable blood sugar levels;
  • It has a beneficial effect in the bundle and fragility of hair, nails, seborrheic dermatitis, disorders of growth and development. Furthermore Biotin according to the instructions controls lipid metabolism in the skin and hair. When the etiology of non-hormonal hair loss Vitamin H stop hair loss;
  • It promotes the absorption of proteins involved in metabolic processes, along with other B vitamins, as well as in the expansion of fatty acids and in burning fat;
  • Beneficial effect on the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract, and the nervous system;
  • It is necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

Due to the lack of biotin reviews may develop seborrheic dermatitis, anemia, hair loss, nausea, depression, insomnia, inflammation or pallor of the skin and mucous membranes, loss of appetite, muscle pain, high blood cholesterol levels.

Form release Biotin

Biotin is available as a dietary supplement "Biotin Complex" tablets to 0, '45 He also is a member of medicines Medobiotin, LAKE VOLVI and Deakura and other dietary supplements - Gepaton, Discovery strength Discovery charm Discovery Excellent, Laminarin, Neurostabil, Formula woman Glyukosil.

Indications Biotin

 Biotin tablets
 Biotin is shown according to the instructions for use:

  • With the lack of production of vitamin H, associated with malnutrition, alcohol, dysbiosis, prolonged use of antibiotics and anticonvulsants;
  • In order to maintain normal blood sugar levels;
  • If any of the sebaceous glands of the scalp - dandruff, breakage and loss of hair;
  • As adjuvant therapy in muscular weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, drowsiness, dermatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome.


Biotin is contraindicated according to the instructions apply only if you are hypersensitive to the components that make up the complex, during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosing Biotin

Complex Biotin take preventive doses of 2 tablets per day during meals, in health care for the dosage of the drug is recommended to double. Before applying the complex Biotin should consult a doctor to clarify the dosage.

side effects

Review Biotin consisting of dietary supplements at therapeutic doses do not cause side effects.