Bio Max

 Bio Max tablets
 Bio Max - multivitamin complex, designed for long-term use in hypovitaminosis.

Pharmacological action

The walk in the composition of the vitamin complex Bio Max macro- and microelements determine its therapeutic effect:

  • Vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, lipids and proteins, increases resistance and resistance to infection of the mucous membranes and skin, and also provides the normal function of the eye;
  • Vitamin B1 is involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine;
  • Vitamin B2 is essential for energy metabolism and biological oxidation;
  • Vitamin B5 is involved in the synthesis of phospholipids metabolism and ensures the development of tissues;
  • Vitamin B6 is involved in lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism;
  • Vitamin B12 affects blood formation, and also participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids;
  • Vitamin C is essential for the immune and metabolic functions involved in the regeneration of bone and cartilage, it is especially necessary elderly, alcohol abuse and smoking, under stress, as well as increased physical activity;
  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant, protects the cell membranes;
  • Vitamin F acts on the capillaries, reducing their permeability;
  • Vitamin PP affects the redox processes;
  • Lipoic acid has antioxidant and lipid-lowering effect, is involved in redox processes in the body, and also has detoxifying properties;
  • Folic acid is required for the synthesis of amino acids and nucleic acids;
  • Phosphorus contributes to the formation of bone and teeth;
  • Calcium is an element of the bone is necessary for muscle contraction, heart;
  • Magnesium strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system;
  • Zinc provides the synthesis of insulin and other hormones, as well as participating in the processes of tissue regeneration;
  • Cobalt contributes to the process of hematopoiesis;
  • Manganese is involved in the formation and bone mineralization;
  • Copper promotes anabolic processes in skin elasticity and transport oxygen to the tissues;
  • Iron is essential for blood formation, the formation of growing bones and immune system.

Thus, Bio-Max on a balanced set of instructions that contains 12 essential vitamins and 8 of macro- and micronutrients, and the combination of active ingredients corresponds to the peculiarities of the Russian way of life, climate and food. As a result of complex Bio Max Review increases resistance to stress, improving the condition of blood vessels, teeth and gums, hair, skin and bone.

Product form

Multivitamin Complex Bio Max produced in the form of two-layer coated tablets, with a characteristic smell, containing:

  • 1, 135 mg of vitamin A;
  • 50 mg of vitamin C;
  • 1 mg of vitamin B1;
  • 1, 27 mg of vitamin B2;
  • 5 mg vitamin B5;
  • 5 mg of vitamin B6;
  • 100 mcg folic acid;
  • 12, 5 mg vitamin B12;
  • 10 mg of vitamin E;
  • 25 mg vitamin P;
  • 7, 5 mg of vitamin E;
  • 2 mg of lipoic acid;
  • 5 mg of iron;
  • 750 g of copper;
  • 50, 5 mg of calcium;
  • 60 mg of phosphorus;
  • 100 g of cobalt;
  • 2 mg of zinc;
  • 2, 5 mg of manganese;
  • 35 mg of magnesium.

30 or 60 tablets per pack.

Indications Bio Max

 Multivitamin Complex Bio Max
 According to the instructions Bio Max is used for the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis at:

  • Seasonal vitamin deficiencies;
  • Long-term mental and physical activities;
  • Some gastrointestinal diseases - chronic gastritis, colitis and enteritis;
  • Reduced immunity from illness, injury, surgery and antibiotics;
  • Malnutrition.

Also, Bio Max Review effectively taking in adolescence, which is accompanied by intensive growth, pregnancy and lactation.


Bio Max is contraindicated for instructions to accept only when there is an increased sensitivity to the drug, as well as under the age of 12 years.

How to use Bio Max

To prevent vitamin deficiencies, as well as in recovery from illness, surgeries and injuries, it is recommended to take one tablet of Bio Max daily after meals. The same dose of the drug can be taken during pregnancy and children from 12 years. Feedback from Bio Max is most effective taken for 3-4 months.

With the purpose of treatment when hypovitaminoses for a month is recommended to take one tablet of Bio Max twice a day, and a second course can be done in 3-6 months.

Complex Bio Max according to the instructions should not be taken simultaneously with other vitamin complexes.

Side effects of Bio Max

Feedback from Bio Max, even with long-term use does not cause unwanted effects. When hypersensitivity to any component of the drug in some cases there may be slight allergic reaction.

storage conditions

Bio Max - OTC drug with a shelf life of 24 months.