Bifonazole - an antifungal drug.  Bifonazole formula

Pharmacological action bifonazole

Bifonazole - means of broad-spectrum, active against dermatophytes: epidermofiton, Trichophyton, mikrosporum, yeast and fungi, tinea versicolor, erythrasma pathogen.

Product form

Producing a cream and ointment bifonazole, powder and solution.


Bifonazole of instruction prescribed for trihofitii scalp, smooth skin, microsporia favus, mycosis hands, feet, rubrofitii, athlete's groin, multicolored lichen, erythrasma, nails and genital candidiasis, superficial skin candidiasis, with hyperhidrosis feet, onychomycosis.

Good reviews of bifonazole applied in diaper rash between the toes.

Instructions bifonazole

For the treatment of fungal infections of the large folds, feet, hands, ointment, cream or solution is applied to a p / day at bedtime with a thin layer and rubbed directly into the lesion.

To plot the defeat of the palm-sized strips enough ointment or cream bifonazole length of 0, 5, or 1 cm or three drops of the solution.

Treatment of mycosis interdigital spaces of the feet and foot skin lasts 3 weeks, with mycosis brushes, wrinkling of the skin and fungal infection of the body - 2-3 weeks; erythrasma, multi-colored lichen - 2 weeks; superficial skin candidiasis - 2-4 weeks.

Judging by the reviews of bifonazole, for the treatment of fungal scalp is better to use a solution that is applied to the pre-shaved hotbed of fungal infections. The treatment lasts a month.

Once the symptoms of athlete's foot disappear bifonazole apply 10-15 days, using a powder, a solution or a cream one p / week to prevent recurrence.  Bifonazole cream

When onychomycosis most often used ointment or cream - for the removal of the affected nail and destroy the fungus. Bifonazole cause one p / night with a thin layer, then nails a day covered plaster or bandage. After removing the bandage, before its replacement, hand or foot with the affected nails should be lowered to 10 minutes in warm water and then remove the softened infected nail. When the fingers are dry, cream or ointment can be applied again and apply a bandage or adhesive paste. The treatment lasts for as long as necessary to the nail bed was smooth - about a fortnight. Typically, ointment or cream bifonazole affect only the affected part of the nail fungus, but in some cases there is irritation of the skin around: you have to grease it with zinc ointment.

Judging by the reviews of bifonazole after the main symptoms of the fungus disappear for the final disposition of the source of infection, it is desirable to extend the treatment for up to 3-4 weeks.

If treatment with bifonazole has no effect, the patient is recommended to be tested further: check the status of the endocrine system, immunity, blood microcirculation in the field of fungal infections.

Side effects

Bifonazole may cause irritation and redness of the skin, burning, scaling, maceration, dermatitis.

Contraindications bifonazole

Bifonazole on instructions do not apply in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient of the drug, including to lanolin and tsetilstearolu.

Precautions should use the drug to pregnant women. Only under the supervision of the attending physician can use bifonazole to treat infants.