Bifidus - a mixture for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems in newborns.

Pharmacological action Bifidus

 Bifidus birth
 Bifidus is adapted milk formula that satisfies the physiological needs of children from birth to one year and older, vitamins, essential nutrients.

The composition includes a mixture of Bifidus milk whey, sunflower, rapeseed and palm oil, skim milk powder, milk fat, lactose, hydrolyzed corn starch, lactulose, minerals (copper, selenium, zinc, iron, calcium, sodium, chloride), vitamins D , K, A, C, E, B6, folic acid, biotin, niacin, taurine, monoglycerides and diglycerides.

Bifidogenic properties has part of the mixture of lactulose - under its influence diluted stool and intestines easily emptied, activated its own growth of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Product form

Bifidus mixture produced in the form of powder.

A common trade name of the product - Semper Bifidus.

Indications Bifidus

The mixture Bifidus recommend giving children with constipation (no stool for 36-48 hours), with an unstable stool with abnormal consistency, "sheep" feces, feces too tight, especially in those cases where it is a matter of concern in the child.

Good reviews of bifidus applies after the baby was treated with antibiotics.


Bifidus can not be given to children who have congenital lactose intolerance and other components of the mixture.

Dosing Bifidus

Bifidus is given in a separate bottle before the main feeding. On the first day of the child is given 50 mL of the mixture and increase it each day at 100-150ml volume.

The optimum daily dosage Bifidus - 600-800ml.

Judging by the reviews of the Bifidus, a chair normal after 3-4 days and reduce the amount of the mixture.

The mixture can be used as a main power supply by replacing it 2 or 3 feeding and mixing it with other compounds for nutrition.

 Bifidus 6 months
 After improved chair for the prophylaxis of functional constipation, intestinal flora dysbiotic changes and to maintain its normal composition, mixture Bifidus recommend replacing one or two feedings per day for the first 12 months of life. Effective mixture for older children.

To prepare the mixture using such proportions Bifidus (better compare them with those specified in the instructions of the manufacturer):

  • 110ml mixture for two scoops mixed with 100 g of water;
  • 160ml mixture for three scoops mixed with 150 g of water;
  • 220ml mixture for four scoops mixed with 200 g of water;
  • to obtain a mixture of 250ml four and a half scoops mixed with 225g of water;
  • to produce a liter of a mixture of 130g Bifidus powder mixed with 900ml of water.

Side effects

In the case of a mixture of intolerance could begin allergy.