Pharmacological action

Bezornil is a comprehensive treatment for hemorrhoids.

 Decongestant, antiseptic, analgesic, astringent and krovoostanavlivayushee properties of the drug due to the action of active substances included in the Bezornila, in particular artificial bezoar.

One of the main components of the drug is calamine, which promotes the absorption of secretions, which is released when damage to mucous membranes, as well as reduces the allocation of purulent formations protected in case of damage. Borneol, which is part of Bezornila, bacteriostatic action.

A local analgesic effect is due to the properties Bezornila pearls that stimulates granulation of the wound surface. Strong regenerating effect Bezornil obliged amber and anti - artificial musk.

As evidenced by clinical studies and reviews of Bezornile, the drug is very effective in eliminating pain and bleeding hemorrhoids, as well as the treatment of itching and cracks in the anal area.


According to the instructions, Bezornil used for hemorrhoids, fissures and anal eczema, scrapes, burns, insect bites.

Instructions for use Bezornila

The drug is available in the form of an ointment for rectal and topical, Bezornil candles are not currently produced.

Rectal use of the drug is used special plastic tip, by which twice a day and after each bowel movement is introduced into the anus Bezornil ointment.  Bezornil ointment

When external hemorrhoids application preparation is carried out directly on the lesion site with the same frequency as when applied to the rectum.

Additionally, it is recommended to apply ointment on Bezornil tissue that covers the affected area.

The duration of treatment is usually two weeks, the issue of extension or repetition of treatment is decided by your doctor.

side effects

Reviews Bezornile indicate good tolerability, but possible symptoms of allergic reactions.


The instructions to Bezornilu stated that the drug is not indicated for persons with hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as children.

The feasibility of applying ointment Bezornil pregnant and lactating women is determined by the attending physician.

Additional Information

Like many hemorrhoid ointments and suppositories, Bezornil should be stored in cool, dry place (not more than 10 0 FROM). Since the manufacture of the drug is considered to be fit for 3 years.