Betaferon - a drug from the group of interferons, designed specifically for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Pharmacological action Betaferon

The main active ingredient, the interferon beta-1b, which is part of Betaseron has antiviral and immunoregulatory functions.

Interferon has an impact on specific receptors on the surface of human cells. Due to this property, it reduces the frequency and severity of clinical exacerbations sclerosis, lengthened the period of remission. Effect of the drug Betaferon delays disease progression, and prevent disability.

In the drug Betaferon also includes human albumin and mannitol.

Product form

Betaferon can buy a lyophilized preparation for injection mass. This white solid. The kit includes a drug solvent, sodium chloride 0, 54% of 1, 2 ml. It is clear and colorless. Injection, after its preparation, may remain colorless or acquires a subtle yellowish tint.

Buy Betaferon can only be set, which includes a glass vial with the drug and diluent. The vials were placed on plastic pallets. The whole set is packed in a cardboard box.

The package may include 5 or 15 sets of injection. Additionally, the set may include adapters with needles and alcohol swabs for injections.


The main indications for use of the drug Betaferon are the following diseases:

  • Remitting multiple sclerosis (unpredictable aggravation with frequent remissions);
  • Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with active current (consequence remitting multiple sclerosis - is developed for about 10 years).

If remitting multiple sclerosis, the use of the drug decreases the frequency and severity of exacerbations. Appointed, provided at least 2-sclerosis exacerbations in the past 24 months, followed by reduction of the satisfactory condition of the patient.

In the second case, the drug is used during an active course of the disease, in which there is regular sharpening. In addition, the appointment of Betaferon in secondary-progressive sclerosis justified if neurological function in patients over the last 24 months is clearly deteriorating. In this case, the abbreviation for the treatment frequency and severity of exacerbations, slow progression of the disease.

Instructions for use Betaferon

Buy Betaferon is not enough, because self-prescribe and stabbing a drug is not recommended. Therefore, treatment with this drug should start under the supervision of an experienced doctor who has a practice in this particular direction.

Betaferon administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly. To prick the patient needs medication every 2 days, that is, every other day. To prepare a solution for injection, it is necessary to dissolve the powder in the attached component Betaferon, sodium chloride 0, 54%. Solvent (1, 2 ml) was injected into the vial. Shake the bottle is not necessary, the powder should dissolve on their own, without outside interference. Ready solution should be carefully considered in the presence of undissolved particles of the drug. If any, the drug can not be used. In addition, the unsuitability of the drug is the appearance of color. Recall permissible only change color to subtle yellowish tint. Ideally, the solution should be clear.

Immediately after preparation of the solution, it is necessary to conduct injection. The finished solution can be refrigerated (from 2 to 8 degrees) of not more than 3 hours. After this time, the medication should be discarded. Note that frozen ready solution is also impossible, it loses its properties and may harm. Therefore, it is better to buy Betaferon in new packaging, and not to use expired medication and do not risk the health.

Betaferon powder, sealed vials can be stored for 2 years, and the solvent (sodium chloride) - 3 years. Storage temperature is not higher than 23 - 25 degrees.  Producing Betaferon as a lyophilized powder for injection

Side effects from the use of Betaferon

In the appointment of treatment with this drug, you should not just buy Betaferon for the patient to learn to chop or hire a nurse, but also closely monitor the observance of the instructions to the drug and medical purposes. The fact that Betaferon has a number of side effects, so you need to use the medication very carefully. In appointing the dosage of the drug, the doctor takes into account the influence of many internal and external factors: age, weight, and emotional state of patients taking drugs, and others.

From the body in case of error in carrying out the above treatment Betaseron, the following reactions:

  • Change the lymphatic system and blood (anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, decreased platelet count);
  • Disorders of the endocrine system (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism);
  • Malfunctions gastrointestinal (vomiting, nausea);
  • Chills, fever, weakness, sweating.

The nervous system can react in the form of depression, anxiety and confusion. Occasionally, a patient may occur increased muscle tone. Women of reproductive age may occur premature menopause or disruptions in the menstrual cycle. Sometimes there is shortness of breath immediately after injection of the drug produced.

It often happens are allergic to Betaferon. Thus, there may be redness, inflammation, pain and swelling of some parts of the skin (especially at the injection site).

In rare cases, there have been the most serious adverse reactions from the use of Betaferon: anaphylaxis, urticaria, bronchospasm.

Contraindications Betaferon

Absolute contraindications to the use of Betaferon are the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy;
  • Severe depression (suicide attempts);
  • Hypersensitivity to interferon;
  • Pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding.

It does not recommend the use of the drug for people under 18 years of age, as experienced by the impact of Betaseron on children has not been studied.

Very gently used Betaferon under the following impairments:

1. Heart disease (heart failure, cardiomyopathy);

2. myelosuppression (anemia, thrombocytopenia);

3. Liver failure;

4. Kidney failure.

Regarding the use of Betaferon in pregnancy, in practice are many cases of spontaneous abortion in women after taking this drug. In addition, the treatment with this drug women of childbearing age, leading a regular sexual life at the beginning of therapy should buy Betaferon and contraceptives. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy will, in this case undesirable and potentially dangerous.