Benzyl benzoate

 Benzyl benzoate ointment
 Benzyl benzoate - a drug used to treat scabies and other skin infections parasitic origin.

The main active ingredient of the drug is consonant with its international name - Benzyl benzoate.

Product form emulsion formulation (vials 10% or 20% in 50, 100 or 200 ml) Ointment or 10% or 20% for external application (25, 30, 40, 50 and 75g in banks and 25, 39, 50g in tubes).

The pharmacological properties of benzyl

According to the instructions Benzyl benzoate belongs to the group of antiparasitic drugs. The main substance penetrates deep into the skin and shows toxic effect on scabies mites and their larvae, head and pubic lice. Emulsion ointment and benzyl benzoate is not absorbed into the blood, so the exhibits only local effect and does not affect the body.

Indications benzyl

Instructions benzyl allows use in patients with parasitic skin infections:

  • scabies,
  • demodicosis,
  • rosacea,
  • chromophytosis,
  • pediculosis,
  • oily seborrhea.

Dosing ointments and emulsion of benzyl benzoate and method of administration


 Benzyl benzoate emulsion
 Before the use of benzyl benzoate emulsion is shaken. Apply a small amount of liquid on the skin of the body except the head, neck and face. The emulsion is applied downwards: start with the skin of the hands, trunk and finally the lower extremities.

Treatment is carried out every day or 2 days (rub the drug and 10, minutes from the break up of drying of the skin). Each time after treatment of the skin change linens, and after washing hands - is further treated skin.

If the disease continues to progress, or, at the 3rd day lengthen the course (3-day) or 3 days reappointed 2-day course.

The second method of treatment is carried emulsion benzyl 6 days. 100g suspension is rubbed once in the first and fourth day of the course. Before each rubbing thoroughly cleanse the skin. Linen is carried out in the 1st and the 6th day of treatment.


Children from 3 years of benzyl benzoate ointment rubbed into the scalp and face, but carefully, so it does not hit in the eye. The adult formulation is applied after a bath at night for the rest of the skin, in addition to the scalp and face. Hands then do not wash up in the morning. On the 4th day of treatment the ointment is repeated, and on the 5th day conduct hygiene and changing linens.

Side effects of benzyl benzoate

The instructions contain the following benzyl side effects of the drug: Can cause an allergic reaction in contact with the eyes - a strong burning sensation, often irritating the skin.

Contraindications to benzyl

The instructions are given benzyl following contraindications:

  • age of the child up to 3 years
  • hypersensitivity to the drug,
  • pregnancy
  • lactation,
  • pustular skin diseases.

Terms and conditions of storage of emulsions and ointments benzyl

The preparation is stored in a secure place away from light, at temperatures up to 20 ° C. Shelf life up to 36 months. Open suspension was stored at room temperature for up to 1 week.


In the case of getting the drug into the nasal cavity, mouth and eyes - rinse thoroughly with water. After contact with the emulsion or ointment into the stomach benzyl - rinse it with a solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate (1-2%), a mixture of magnesia and activated carbon in the water.

The ointment and emulsion of benzyl benzoate sold without prescription.