Bellaspon tablets
 Bellaspon is a combination of phenobarbital, ergotamine, and belladonna alkaloids. The interaction of these substances can achieve in the preparation Bellaspon combination of sedative and antispasmodic effects. The drug is used in medicine for more than twenty years. During this time, accumulated a lot of positive feedback about Bellaspon. This drug has found application in neurologic practice and in gynecology for treatment of neuroses no background menopause.

The mechanism of action Bellaspon

According to the instruction, it comprises ergotamine Bellaspon 0 at a dosage of 3 mg, phenobarbital - 20 mg, and belladonna alkaloid - 0 1 mg. Each of these components has its effect on the organism. Ergotamine is a non-hydrogenated ergot alkaloid. Its effect on the body manifests a vasoconstrictor, a slight calming effect. It reduces the heart rate slows down basal metabolic rate, thereby saving energy for the body.

Phenobarbital is a long-acting barbiturate. This substance, which is part of Bellaspon, has a sedative effect, reduces the convulsive readiness of the body, stimulates the activity of liver enzymes, thereby speeding up your metabolism.

Belladonna alkaloids increase the heart rate, relaxes the muscles of the bronchi, and abdominal organs.

Indications Bellaspon

Given the sedative effect exerted Bellaspon, its main use is the treatment of neuroses, particularly with autonomic disorders. Besides Bellaspon used to treat neuroses in the background of systemic diseases, neuroses in menopause, in the treatment of concussion.

Contraindications Bellaspon

 Bellaspon - a drug used to treat neuroses
 In accordance with the instructions, Bellaspon not recommended for use in people with atherosclerotic lesions of cerebral vessels with kidney or liver failure, glaucoma, during acute myocardial infarction during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosing Bellaspon

Bellaspon administered in the form of pills after eating. The daily dose is recommended to receive, it is 3 pills a day, which should be divided into 3 doses. In special cases, at the discretion of the attending physician dragees Bellaspon amount can be increased to six.


Bellaspon a sedative and causes a reduction in human response. Linked to this is the need to abandon during treatment from driving and performing work that requires increased attention and quick response. If Bellaspon taken a long time, then, to avoid the development of a convulsive state, you can not undo this drug at once. Cancellation must be increased gradually with decreasing doses of medicament. Bellaspon affect the enzyme system in the liver, so it is advisable to eliminate the use of alcohol during treatment.

Side effects Bellaspon

In accordance with the review of Bellaspon, this drug is well tolerated by patients. Adverse reactions are rare and may occur in the form of an allergic reaction (acute urticaria), menstrual dysfunction. The individual intolerance of components that make up the drug. During medical use Bellaspon there were no cases of overdose.