Flowers bearberry
 Bearberry is a shrub with bright red spherical fruits. Also known plants - bear berry, drupe, Muchnik, bear ears, tolokonka.

Useful properties of bearberry

For the treatment used leaves of bearberry, which is cut to the workpiece with the branches when a bush blooming - from May to July.

Dry leaves better in vivo, in the air, but under a roof or in the attic. Having laid a branch with leaves with a thin layer, they are periodically turned over, and after dried, skinned and thrown together with blackened leaves. If it is impossible to procure the raw material in air, can be applied to artificial drying - dry threads in the oven or drier at 50 degrees.

Bearberry leaves valued mainly contained therein tannins and hydroquinone having antimicrobial activity.

Infusions and decoctions of bearberry have anti-inflammatory, diuretic, astringent, bactericidal action.

The use of bearberry

 Bearberry helps treat gout, kidney disease, urinary ducts, the digestive tract.

The powder from the leaves of bearberry take for gastritis, heartburn, a decoction of them helps reduce swelling, stop uterine bleeding, his drink with heart failure, tuberculosis.

When diathesis, wounds fester help washing and bath with a decoction of bearberry.

So prepare a decoction of the leaves of bearberry, one tablespoon of leaves pour 200 ml of boiled hot water warm for another half hour, after 10 minutes insist, filter, squeeze the leaves, topped up with boiling water to a volume of 200ml. Take broth 3-5r / day spoon after eating (through 40min.). For children, a broth made from the calculation of a teaspoon of leaves to 200ml of boiling water, but the dosage must determine the pediatrician overseeing, evaluating the severity of disease, weight and age of the child.

The infusion of the leaves is used in alcoholism, insomnia, nervous system diseases, malignant tumors.

Despite the fact that the basic drug raw materials are leaves of a plant for the treatment of heart disease, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, bearberry flowers may be used.

It helps bearberry cystitis, from it prepare this infusion: Pour 250ml of water two teaspoons of leaves, insist 24 hours, filter. Drink infusion of 200ml 3p / day pre-heated.

When cystitis and bearberry used as a part of the collection: 20g mixed with the leaves of parsley 5g, 20g and 5g gryzhnika celandine. The mixture of herbs pour 250ml boiling water, insist hour. Drink mixed with bearberry collection cystitis need three p / day 50-70ml.

When insomnia helps collect from bearberry, licorice root, corn stigmas, birch leaves. All of these components are taken in equal amounts. When brewing tea soothing to one part of the collection accounts for 20 parts of boiling water. Drink it three p / day for 70 ml before meals. This collection also has diuretic and antiseptic.

Boiled milk crushed berries of bearberry - a good remedy for gastritis and diarrhea, especially in children.

Perhaps the use of bearberry in gynecology - made from the leaves is used for irrigation broths with belyah, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, reduction of the myometrium.

Despite the fact that commonly prescribed bearberry pregnancy, taking it in this state as a diuretic or for the treatment of cystitis means uncontrollably still not recommended. Bearberry during pregnancy can harm because It causes uterine contractions and therefore can cause miscarriage. A good substitute for bearberry pregnancy is Phytolysinum - plant-based drug that does not cause undesirable side effects, although taking it alone is not recommended

Contraindications bearberry

Serious contraindications to the use of bearberry is self: an overdose broths cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, exacerbation of inflammation occurring in the kidney, urinary ducts.

In acute inflammation of the kidneys to make preparations of bearberry and charges having her, you can not.