Batrafen - an antifungal drug.  Batrafen cream

Pharmacological action

The active substance Batrafen Ciclopirox is active against a large number of bacteria: pathogens of onychomycosis, dermatophyte infections: Trichophyton Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton equinum, Trichophyton epilans, Trichophyton gallnae, Trichophyton concentricum, Trichophyton schoenleinii, Trichophyton ferrugineum, Trichophyton terrestre, Trichophyton soudanense, Trichophyton quinckeanum, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton tonsurans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, microspores Microsporum langeroni, Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis, Microsporum nanum, Microsporum audouini, various species of the fungus Candida: Candida parapsilosis, Candida albicans, Candida lipolytica, Candida pseudotropicalis, Candida quiliermondii, Candida tropicalis, Candida brumpti, Candida viswanathii , Candida utilis, Candida krusei, the causative agent of histoplasmosis, fungemia, mycosis smooth skin, large folds, feet, sporotrichosis, cryptococci, blastomycosis, aspergillosis, fungi of the genus Fusarium, mycetoma, chromoblastomycosis.

Form release Batrafen

Producing Batrafen as vaginal creams, vaginal suppositories, lotions and powders for external use, nail polish.

Analogs Batrafen - Dafnedzhin, ciclopirox. The analogue processing Batrafen nail polish affected - Loceryl.


Batrafen instructions for use for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes.

Instruction Batrafenu: how to use

Batrafen cream for external use is rubbed into the affected areas of the two fungus p / day. The treatment lasts about two weeks, until the complete disappearance of cutaneous manifestations of the fungus, and another week for the prevention of recurrence.

Good reviews of Batrafene powder, used to prevent fungus - pour it into shoes or socks.

Vaginal creams and suppositories, solution is used for treating vulvovaginitis vaginitis. The solution Batrafen 0, 2% do douching one p / day for 5 days. Cream one p / day (5g) at night put deep into the vagina, and treated them to areas around the vagina, including the anus - to prevent relapse. Treatment is carried out for 6-14 days. Candles once a day put on one piece. The treatment lasts 3-6 days. Judging by the reviews of Batrafene, the risk of re-development of the fungus significantly reduced if to treat both sexual partners.

When onychomycosis treatment with Batrafen lasts 4-28 weeks, it is desirable to all damaged areas on a regular basis to remove the nail and apply the means at night under the bandage. Usually cream under the bandage kept all night, in the morning and rub the solution is removed during the day several times.  Batrafen nail polish

The varnish is applied to one Batrafen p / day every other day for the first month of treatment, the two p / week - in the second month, and 1p / week - during the third month. Treatment lasts more than six months should not. Once a week Batrafen varnish is removed from the surface of the nail and after steaming in the warm water, grind off the top layer.

side effects

Batrafen can cause itching, skin irritation, redness and peeling it.

Contraindications Betrafenu

Batrafen of instructions are not used to treat fungus in children younger than 10 liters, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, patients with hypersensitivity to the detected active ingredient of the drug.