Baktroban - is an antimicrobial agent for topical application.

Pharmacological action

As part Baktrobana involved mupirocin - broad-spectrum antibiotic exposure, which is designed specifically for outdoor use. Mupirocin inhibits the increase in the amount of protein in bacterial cells and has a bacteriostatic, provided larger the dose, the bactericidal action.

The studies found no cross-resistance to other antimicrobial mupirocin.

Baktroban is active against certain staphylococcus, streptokokoov, meningococcal, diplokokkov genus Neisseria, causing gonorrhea, Haemophilus influenzae, agents of opportunistic infections, infections of mucous membranes, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital chronic inflammatory diseases, enterobacteria, pertussis bacillus, some species of protea, tsitrobakter.

Product form

Available Baktobran ointment and cream for topical application. Also produced Baktroban nasal topical treatment of infections of the nasal cavity.


According to the instructions Baktroban used to treat bacterial infections of soft tissue and skin, folliculitis, boils, impetigo, infections of the nasal cavity.

Baktroban Ointment and creams may be applied topically in combination therapy and monotherapy, but with the condition that at the same time with them on the skin will not be applied to other drugs. If this is necessary, it should be kept half hour intervals.

Nasal Baktroban not be mixed with other drugs, since it decreases the antibacterial activity and may decrease stability of the active ingredient.

Instructions for use Baktrobana

 Nanensenie Baktrobana
 Baktroban cream applied with a swab of cotton or gauze to three p / day to the affected area of ​​skin that before applying Baktrobana be cleaned. Over the affected area and can be treated with medication bandage.

The duration of treatment and the application of the scheme Baktrobana determined by the doctor, but in the instruction Baktrobana indicated that the average duration of treatment - 7-10 days.

After applying the cream Baktroban should wash your hands thoroughly and avoid getting it in your eyes.

For patients with impaired renal function dose adjustment is not required Baktrobana.

When using the cream Baktroban should remember that the systemic absorption of the drug increases as the violation of the integrity of the skin.

Baktroban ointment applied thinly to the cleaned area of ​​skin between one and three p / day, then you can apply a bandage.

After the treatment, skin ointment Baktroban should carefully wash their hands, must not be allowed contact with her in the eye.

Said instructions Baktrobana course of treatment - from a week to 10 days.

Nasal Baktroban in a small amount is placed into each nostril two rows / day. The recommended course of treatment - five days.

The instructions Baktrobana stated that after laying the ointment intranasally, in order to better distributed, you need a good nose shut with your fingers, press several times on his wings on both sides and gently rub. On the third, the fifth day of the treatment course is released from the nasal cavity pathogens.

Patients with renal, hepatic insufficiency dose nasal Baktrobana adjust required.

Side effects

Baktroban generally well tolerated, but were reported isolated cases of itching, burning, dryness, redness, hives, eczema, erythema.

Rarely, but perhaps cause nausea, pain in the epigastric region, secondary infection of wounds, ulcerative stomatitis, headache, systemic allergic reactions.


According to the instructions Baktroban not prescribed to patients who have identified intolerance mupirocin, and other components means.

It is prohibited to use the cream and ointment Baktroban intranasally and ophthalmology.

Be wary appoint Baktroban elderly patients, and those with impaired renal function, especially if the treatment to be cream or ointment a large area of ​​skin or skin with impaired integrity.

Do not prescribe ointment Baktroban children up to two years, and the cream - children up to one year.

The cream and ointment Baktroban prescribed to pregnant and breast-feeding only in individual cases, but may be the treatment of cracked nipples during lactation. Immediately prior to feeding should wash off the ointment under running water, using soap.

Baktroban nasal usually prescribed for children older than 12 years, since no studies on the subject of the influence of the drug on the younger children. No data on the applicability Baktrobana nasal pregnant. It is only known that the drug is not released into the breast milk.

Baktroban nasal does not affect the ability to manage traffic and complex mechanisms.