Baktistatin - Biological additives, used to normalize intestinal flora.

Pharmacological action

Baktistatin biomass contains microorganisms Bacillus Subtilis 3 zeolites hydrolyzate.

Natural microbe Bacillus Subtilis 3 has a high biological activity, contains amino acids and enzymes, suppresses pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms.

Zeolites have absorbent action and thus stimulate colonic motor function, reaction with proteins, amino acids and vitamins did not enter. In addition, the active ingredients have a positive impact on reproductive function and liver function, improve immunity and stress the body.

Soybean meal hydrolyzate contributes to the buildup of a normal microflora in the intestine.

Product form

The drug release capsules. Analogues Baktistatina composition does not exist. A similar effect is bifidobakterin, Atsipol, but reviews of Baktistatine characterize it as the best medication in a group of drugs probiotics.

The storage temperature shall not exceed 25 degrees, it is best to store in a dark place,

Indications Baktistatina

Baktistatin according to the instructions prescribed in the destruction of the normal intestinal microflora, for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, complicated by overgrowth, the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, arising on a background of antibiotic therapy or after intestinal infections.

Application Baktistatina shown at avium, hives, eczema and other skin diseases of allergic nature, at various poisoning (including alcohol), as it is used for detoxification.

Good reviews of Baktistatine, applicable patients undergoing radiation therapy - to prevent dysbiosis.

For these indications are often used as an analogue Baktistatin Linex.

Dosing instructions for Baktistatina

 Baktistatin release capsules
 Capsules laid taken orally. Adults taking medication two p / day 1-2 capsules during the meal. Therapy lasted 2-4 weeks.

For the treatment of poisoning take two capsules three p / day. Therapy lasts for three days.

side effects

In case you are hypersensitive to develop an allergy to the drug.

Data on overdose Baktistatina not fixed.

Contraindications Baktistatina

The instructions Baktistatina only contraindication called idiosyncrasy active substances and excipients.