Aurobin - a combination drug that is used in proctology, antibacterial, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory action.

Pharmacological action

Application Aurobin leads to increased tone and decrease the permeability of vascular wall of the rectum, so successfully used for the treatment of anorectal diseases.

Pharmacological action Aurobin due to its constituent active ingredients: prednisolone kapronat, lidocaine, dexpanthenol, triclosan

Prednisolone reduces inflammation and has anti-allergic effect, lidocaine eliminates burning and pain, acts as a local anesthetic. Dexpanthenol promotes the restoration of the affected mucosa and epithelium. Triclosan consisting Aurobin serves antiseptic acting on fungi and bacteria.

Form release Aurobin

According to the instructions Aurobin produce an ointment for rectal, topical application.


Ointment Aurobin effective in such diseases:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal fissures;
  • dermatitis and eczema perianal area;
  • fistula, itching anus;
  • protrusion and varicose veins of the anus;
  • neyroallergicheskoe skin disease in the crotch area

 Aurobin ointment
 Instructions for use Aurobin

According to the instructions Aurobin thin layer is applied to the affected area two to four p. / Day.

In the treatment of hemorrhoidal ointment internal nodes are introduced into the rectum and two to four p. / Day. In the opinion of Aurobin leads to improvement after the first week of its application.

Side effects Aurobin

Aurobin can cause side effects of a local nature: burning, dryness, sensitivity and thinning of the skin, irritation, poor wound healing. Judging by the reviews Aurobin long-term use can cause local hirsutism, purple, hypertrichosis, acne, fungal infections, folliculitis, hypopigmentation, telangiectasia, skin atrophy, diaper rash, allergic contact dermatitis.

When applying ointment Aurobin on a vast area of ​​possible manifestation of Cushing's syndrome, hyperglycemia, increasing the pressure, hypokalemia, glycosuria, increased intracranial pressure (benign).

With prolonged use Aurobin over a wide area due to systemic effects of lidocaine may develop bradycardia.


According to the instructions Aurobin not indicated for children aged up to one year, in viral, bacterial, fungal infections of the skin, intolerance to components of ointment, while the use of lidocaine in connection with other diseases.

Do not apply ointment Aurobin in the periorbital area, for the treatment of eye diseases.

Do not appoint as Aurobin breastfeeding, pregnancy (the first trimester). In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy Aurobin appointment is possible, but only for special reasons.