Aurita - a set of biologically active supplements to strengthen hair and nails, and skin regeneration.

Form release Aurita

 Aurita drug comes in the form of capsules and tea mixture. The complex includes the following dosage forms of media:

  • Aurita Yeast;
  • Aurita Silicon Calcium;
  • Aurita Flower Tea.

One capsule Aurita yeast contains 200 mg of yeast health. One capsule Aurita Silicon-Calcium contains 50 mg of calcium carbonate and 150 mg of silicon oxide. Each package Aurita Yeast and Aurita Silicon-Calcium contains 40 capsules.

Aurita Flower Tea is presented in the form of a tea mixture of medicinal herbs contained in the package in '35

Pharmacological action

Means, used in case of problems with the hair and the overall strengthening of the body. When you use Aurita hair is recommended to use the course, including all three dosage forms: Yeast, Calcium Silicon, flower tea.

The main properties of the yeast health included in the means of Aurita Yeasts are:

  • Prevents aging of cells;
  • Stimulation of metabolism;
  • Strengthening the structure of the skin, hair and nails, connective tissue;
  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles;
  • Regeneration of skin.

The above effects are achieved by forming part of the yeast elements:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E;
  • A nicotinic acid;
  • Selenium.

In addition, nicotinic acid complex Aurita bears an important function in the formation of lipid, the main component of the cell membrane. Lipid A, in turn, are actively involved in the formation of keratin, which forms an integral part of the structure of the skin, hair and nails. Selenium and vitamin E protect the skin from aging. They also contain zinc compounds, phosphorous, iron and chromium.

Components Aurita Silicon Calcium (calcium carbonate and silica) involved in the following processes, providing, with a positive effect on the organism:

  • The formation of bones, teeth and nails;
  • The regulation of water-salt metabolism;
  • Improved function of muscle or nervous system.

Silicon is a constituent of bone, hair, skin, nails and teeth. Therefore, it is so necessary for their education. Silicon compounds, moreover, ensure the normal functioning of blood vessels, tendons and mucosa. Additionally, silicon and selenium are essential for normal immune status.

Calcium is also involved in the direct formation of bone, teeth, nails and hair. Salts of this trace element - a component of the blood, because the calcium is part of the cell nucleus, and therefore its content in the body significantly affects the metabolism.

Flower Tea Aurita contains in its composition many herbs (chamomile, cornflower, wild rose, mint, calendula, elder, sunflower), a beneficial impact on the work of these organs and systems:

  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • Gall bladder;
  • Liver.

In addition, tea Aurita promotes excretion of toxins, and also has diaphoretic, choleretic and diuretic. Due to this, the products of the metabolism of the cells and tissues of the organism will appear. The use of this tea, as evidenced by reviews Aurita acts as:

  • Anesthetic;
  • The anti-inflammatory;
  • Calming;
  • It improves appetite.

Indications Aurita

Aurita hair used in the presence of diseases such as:  Aurita hair

1. Androgenetic alopecia;

2. Alopecia areata (hair loss is progressive);

3. Idiopathic trichoclasis (decomposition of the hair shaft and fragility).

Reviews Aurita patients who have undergone the reception means comprise a recommendation for its use in the following issues:

  • Unhealthy skin and hair (for various reasons);
  • The aging of the body (hair loss and dry skin);
  • The effects of treatment, followed by hair loss.

Reviews Aurita show the beneficial effect of the drug on the power:

  • Leather;
  • Hair;
  • Nail;
  • Connective tissue.

By using Aurita hair, there is a significant strengthening of hair and activates growth.

Instructions for use Aurita

Means Aurita take 1 capsule 2 times a day: morning and evening, 30 minutes before meals. Aurita Flower Tea is brewed in the morning. As the reviews Aurita, drink this tea can be during the day.

Side effects

When applying Aurita hair as in capsules or in case of possible symptoms of an allergic reaction by the organism. Reviews Aurita to suggest that tea is most often causes allergies. This may be caused by a painful response to one of the components that make up the flower tea. Therefore, potential allergies before using Aurita read carefully the instructions to the drug and preferably go allegoprobu on the components that are part of the funds.

Contraindications Aurita

Absolute contraindications to the use of funds Aurita are the following cases:

  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation (breastfeeding);
  • Children up to 12 years.

If there are hypersensitive to one or more components of the composition Aurita hair, particularly in the medicinal herb tea composition must be limited to reception capsules.