Atsipol capsules
 Atsipol - probiotic drug for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pharmacological action

In preparation Atsipol contains a mixture of kefir grains and live lactic acid bacteria, ensuring the growth of normal intestinal flora, inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause gastrointestinal infections. In addition, the use of the natural process Atsipol provokes the production of vitamin K in the intestine, stimulates innate immunity, normalizes metabolism of bilirubin and cholesterol, digestive tract - is getting better digestion, motility and peristalsis, nutrients begin to better absorb decreases the intensity of decay.

Product form

Releasing the probiotic capsules.

Indications Atsipol

Atsipol of instruction prescribed for acute intestinal infection caused by staphylococcus, salmonella, other pathogens, disorders of intestinal function, including enterocolitis non-infectious and infectious origin, prolonged intestinal disorders, digestive problems, weakened immunity dysbiosis during prolonged antibiotic therapy.

For children Atsipol, appoint the same indications, as well as dysbiosis and problems with weight gain caused by the protracted and chronic respiratory diseases - pneumonia, bronchitis, and active antibiotic purulent inflammatory diseases.

Good reviews Atsipol used in allergy, atopic dermatitis.

Allowed to take the drug to nursing, pregnant women.

Dosing Atsipol

 Probiotic Atsipol
 Atsipol for children ages 3-month-3L appoint take 1st 2-3r capsule / day, at the same time with a meal.

Kids and adults after 3l appoint 1st 3-4r capsule / day for 30 minutes before eating.

To prevent the development of dysbiosis Atsipol take one capsule at the 1st p / day for 10-15 days. Treatment of infectious diseases lasts 8-10 days. Re-treatment may be carried out only after a month.

According to the instructions Atsipol accept, without chewing, drinking water. For newborns capsule contents are diluted with water or milk.

Side effects Atsipol

No reviews Atsipol, causing serious side effects. Data on overdose and no.


The drug is contraindicated only in the case of individual hypersensitivity to the facility.

Do not use the drug, which is broken inside the packaging, there is no marking, expired.