Atsidin pepsin

Pharmacological action

 Atsidin pepsin

In group membership Atsidin pepsin refers to digestive enzyme means. Atsidin pepsin is a combined preparation, facilitates digestion in the stomach. Active substance is betaine and pepsin. Pepsin initially produced in an inactive form as a zymogen pepsinogen cells in the gastric mucosa, which in turn is converted into the contents of the stomach to the active enzyme pepsin

Hydrolysis betaine hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid is formed, which together with pepsin increase gastric acidity and proteolytic possess properties that make digestion in the stomach.

Indications Atsidin pepsin

Atsidin pepsin is indicated for the following diseases:

  • inflammation of the stomach, which is accompanied by a lack of or reduction in the level of hydrochloric acid (hypo- and anatsidnyh gastritis);
  • no release of hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the stomach (ahiliya);
  • indigestion (dyspepsia).

Instructions for use Atsidin pepsin

Issued active drug in tablet form.

According to the instructions, Atsidin pepsin should be taken orally during or after a meal.

Adults appoint two tablets, which must be pre-dissolved in ¼ or ½ cup of water. Multiplicity of reception - 3-4 times a day. Babies recommended single dose Atsidin pepsin is 1/4 - 1 tablet at the same multiplicity of techniques in adults. The course of treatment depends on the disease process and the effectiveness of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

side effects

In rare cases, the use of pepsin Atsidin can cause constipation, nausea, heartburn, and allergic reactions.


The instructions to Atsidin pepsin indicated that the drug should not be taken if:

  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • gastric hyperacidity accompanying stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer and erosive gastro.

Data on the use of the drug by pregnant, nursing mothers and children there.

 Betatsid - similar Atsidin pepsin

Additional Information

Keep Atsidin pepsin should be cool and dry (from 2 to 15 0 C) place. The shelf life is half year.

Analogs Atsidin pepsin

Analogues are betatsid Atsidin pepsin, Pepsamin, Atsipepsol.

For more information about the interchangeability of these drugs must provide the doctor, who is also, if necessary, select an analogue Atsidin pepsin. Self-no analogues Atsidin pepsin, nor of his own unacceptable.