Pharmacological action

Atoxil enterosorbent a new generation with strong absorptive properties. The drug shows antibacterial, detoxification and wound healing effect. The active ingredient is silica.

Atoxil absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract and excreted toxins of different origin, including endotoxins, microbial, bacterial and food allergens and other toxic products are produced in the intestine. Application Atoxil promotes transport of tissue, blood and lymph in the digestive tract of toxic substances and their subsequent removal from the body.

In Atoxil no feedback effect of sorption, and the ability of the powder particles adhere to multiple cells allows to agglutinate (stick together and remove the sediment) all bacterial mass.

Indications Atoxil

The drug is given in the following cases:

  • therapy of acute intestinal diseases, which are characterized by diarrhea (salmonellosis, food poisoning);
  • complex therapy of viral hepatitis A and B;
  • allergic diseases (atopic dermatitis, diathesis);
  • food poisoning, including alcohol poisoning and mushrooms;
  • topically for the treatment of festering wounds, trophic ulcers, burns;
  • as a means of detoxification enterocolitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, gepatoholetsistite, kidney disease, accompanied by chronic renal failure;
  •  Very effective Atoxil - for poisoning
 as a detoxification agent for intoxication accompanying pyo-septic processes and burn disease, when alcohol and drug intoxication, as well as skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis).

Instructions for use Atoxil

This drug is available in the form of powder for suspension.

Before use, the vial Atoxil powder necessary to add drinkable water (up to 250 mL) and stir thoroughly. Suspension in a volume of 1 ml corresponding to 50 mg Atoxil. Sachet used as follows: 100-150 ml of drinking water dissolve the contents of 1-2 bags.

According to the instructions, in the form Atoxil prepared suspension should be taken 1 hour before eating or taking other drugs. The daily dose is usually divided into 3-4 reception. Adults and children over 7 years is recommended to take 12 grams of the drug per day, but, if necessary, this amount can be doubled. The daily dose for children Atoxil calculated by multiplying the weight of 150-200 mg per child. Keep in mind that at one time the amount applied Atoxil for children should not exceed half of the daily dose.

In the treatment with the drug for viral hepatitis and acute intestinal diseases it is recommended to start with the maximum single dose which corresponds to 7-10 g, 2-3 times a day. The duration of the treatment of acute intestinal infections Atoksilom typically less than 5 days. In diseases of the severe course of therapy can be extended to 15 days. In the treatment of viral hepatitis this drug is used for 7-10 days.

If Atoxil independent application is not possible, the slurry is introduced into the stomach by gavage.

Outdoor use of the drug requires prior cleaning wounds and applying to it a layer of powder to 5 mm. Atoksilom treated the wound should be closed dry aseptic bandage.

Outdoor use of the drug is recommended every other day until complete wound cleansing.

side effects

According to the instructions, Atoxil well tolerated, but in some cases there is a likelihood of constipation. The manifestation of any unwanted reactions to the use of the drug requires mandatory consultation with a doctor.

Contraindications Atoxil

The instructions to Atoksilu listed diseases for which the drug is not appointed:

  • duodenal ulcer and gastric (exacerbation);
  • ulcers and erosions of the mucous membrane intestine;
  • ileus.

It is forbidden to use Atoxil children under 1 year and persons with hypersensitivity to the silica. Contra drug to pregnant and lactating women due to a lack of data on the safety of its use of these categories of patients.

Additional Information

According to the instructions, Atoxil powder should be stored in a dry place at a temperature corresponding to 15-25 0 FROM.

The drug prepared in the form of suspensions should be kept tightly closed bottle in a cool place (8-15 0 C) no more than 32 hours.