Atarax tablets
 Atarax - a tranquilizer used to relieve itching and reduce anxiety and agitation.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Atarax has a moderate anxiolytic and antiemetic, sedative, analgesic, antihistamine, and m-anticholinergic action. When using Atarax relaxes skeletal and smooth muscle. The effect occurs within 20-30 minutes after ingestion and is manifested as a reduction of itching in allergic skin diseases, as well as a reduction in anxiety and muscle tension. Atarax Review is not addictive and psychological dependence.

Product form

The drug is available as Atarax white oblong tablet containing 25 mg of hydroxyzine hydrochloride. Other ingredients - microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, titanium dioxide, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, macrogol 400. 25 tablets in a blister.

Indications Ataraxum

Atarax is prescribed for adults:

  • Relief of agitation, anxiety, irritability and feelings of inner tension with mental, neurological and somatic diseases;
  • Treatment of abstinence syndrome in chronic alcoholism, which is accompanied by psychomotor agitation;
  • Symptomatic treatment of pruritus.

Atarax children shown only for the treatment of allergic skin diseases.


Atarax is contraindicated according to the instructions to apply at:

  • Porphyria;
  • Hypersensitivity to Atarax.

Pregnancy, labor and lactation as a contraindication to use of the drug.

According to the instructions Atarax is used with caution in:

  • Myasthenia gravis;
  • Predisposition to the development of arrhythmias;
  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Increased intraocular pressure;
  • Propensity to seizures;
  • Prostatic hyperplasia with clinical manifestations;
  • Constipation;
  • Dementia.

Dosing Ataraxum

 Atarax - a tranquilizer used to reduce anxiety
 Atarax of instructions are inside. The initial dose for the symptomatic treatment of pruritus is 25 mg. If necessary, the daily dose can be increased to 300 mg, wherein the unit dose should not exceed 200 mg. Atarax children from 12 months to 6 years appoint 1-2, 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day, from 6 to 12 years - 1-2 mg.

Atarax is also prescribed for adults to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Typically, the daily dose is 50 mg, which in severe cases can be increased to 300 mg. Half the daily dose should be taken in the morning and evening, and the rest - before going to bed.

In old age, as well as kidney and liver failure, the dose recommended Ataraxum halve.

In case of overdose of Atarax instructions may occur:

  • Increased anticholinergic effects;
  • Spontaneous physical activity;
  • Arrhythmias, hypotension;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Tremors and convulsions;
  • Oppression or paradoxical stimulation of the central nervous system;
  • Hallucinations and impaired consciousness;
  • Disorientation.

Caution should be used in conjunction with Atarax drugs depressing action of the central nervous system - tranquilizers, ethanol, opioids, barbiturates and sleeping pills. Do not take the medication simultaneously with MAO inhibitors and holinoblokatorami.

Side effects Ataraxum

In the opinion of Atarax can cause minor side effects, most commonly at the beginning of treatment:

  • Headache, drowsiness, dizziness and general weakness. If these symptoms persist after a few days after the start of Atarax, take the dose should be reduced;
  • Hypotension and tachycardia;
  • Nausea and changes in liver function tests;
  • Sweating, fever, allergic reactions and bronchospasm.

In old age, receiving Ataraxum Review may lead to a violation of accommodation, urinary retention, dry mouth and constipation.

storage conditions

Atarax - prescription medication with a shelf life of 5 years.