Aseptolin a drug as a solution for external use with high antiseptic and disinfectant action.  Disinfectant Aseptolin

The composition and the form of Aseptolina

The structure includes Aseptolina glycerol, plant extract cranberries, ethyl alcohol, glitseritan and purified water.

The drug is released in the form of a solution for external application, placed in vials with lighting glass in the amount of 25 - 250 ml. A solution of 70-90% transparent and has a peculiar odor. Each bottle is placed in a single cardboard box.

Pharmacological properties Aseptolina

Aseptolin has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.

Widespread use has Aseptolin as an antiseptic which is effective for the destruction of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria forms.

Due to the high concentration of glitseritana composed Aseptolina increases the protective function of the skin.

Aseptolin epidermis provides protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Regular use of the solution to avoid inflammation and infection.

Good reviews Aseptolin has as irritant agents.

Indications Aseptolina

The drug Aseptolin designed for use in streptococcal and inflammation on the skin.

Positive feedback received Aseptolin as an effective drug for treatment of hands, medical instruments and operating table.

It is also often used Aseptolin for disinfection of medical facilities and equipment, cavities and the injection site.

Instructions for use Aseptolina

 Aseptolin - topical solution
 According to the instructions, Aseptolin Only apply it topically and lubricate them with certain areas of the skin. The solution is applied on a bandage, a swab or a gauze fabric, and then treated with various surface.

The skin before the injection is treated twice with a sterile swab.

Operating space, tools and equipment should be cleaned with copious amounts of disinfectant.

In accordance with the instructions, Aseptolin can not be applied to mucous membranes, open wounds and damaged skin deep. The drug is not recommended to use for children.

Contraindications and side effects Aseptolina

Contraindications to the use Aseptolina are idiosyncrasy and the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

The drug is contraindicated in Aseptolin open wounds, burns, frostbite, and the presence of skin rashes, tumors of various etiologies and irritation. It does not recommend the use of the antiseptic solution for sensitive skin.

Aseptolin may cause allergic reactions (itching, burning, rash), burn and numbness. In rare cases, the drug can have toxic and overall depressing effect on the central nervous system.