Pharmacological action

Argosulfan is a drug that has antimicrobial, wound healing and analgesic effect.

 The composition includes an ointment Argosulfan sulfathiazole, which inhibits the synthesis of the bacterial cell, which causes a pronounced bactericidal effect of the drug. Antibacterial action sulphathiazole greatly increase silver ions contained in Argosulfane that by binding to the DNA of the bacterial cell division and inhibit microbial growth. Efficacy of the drug is against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Reviews Argosulfane indicate that the drug is effective in protecting the wound from infection, eliminates burning and pain. The drug has a hydrophilic base which differs optimal pH and large amounts of water to accelerate and facilitate wound healing.

For sulfathiazole silver salt contained in a formulation typical low solubility that allows Argosulfanu be wound on to the desired concentration for a long time. The minimal resorption of the drug causes his lack of toxic action. After applying the ointment Argosulfan sulfathiazole small part absorbed into the systemic circulation and then metabolized in the liver. Metabolites derived mainly kidneys.

Indications Argosulfan

The instructions to Argosulfanu indicated that the drug should be administered in the following cases:

  • frostbite;
  • burns of any nature and varying degrees;
  • bedsores, trophic ulcers, a simple contact dermatitis, sores;
  • household injuries, including scrapes and cuts;
  • Infectious diseases of the skin (microbial form of eczema, infected dermatitis, stafilodermiya, streptoderma).

Positive reviews Argosulfane confirm the efficacy of the drug in these lesions of the skin.

Instructions for use Argosulfan

 Argosulfan ointment
 Ointment Argosulfan used in the form of occlusive dressings, the wound is sealed against the ingress of air and water, and open way.

Following the purification and manipulation of a surgical treatment to a wound, according to the instructions Argosulfanu should apply lotions 2-3 mm. A similar procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day to meet all the conditions of sterility. During treatment, care should be taken so that the wound was constantly covered with an ointment Argosulfan, in case of the open wound, you should apply an additional amount of the drug.

Argosulfan applied until complete healing of the wound. If after applying the ointment appeared exudate (fluid histogens hematogenous and nature in the site of inflammation), infected wounds should be cleaned with antiseptic, then apply ointment.

Treatment Argosulfan ointment should not last longer than two months. The maximum daily dose - '25

side effects

Argosulfan reviews indicate that the drug is well tolerated, but before the application of the ointment should be aware that there may be unintended consequences such as:

- Burning sensation and skin irritation at the site of Argosulfan;

- Urticaria, rash and itching;

- Long-term use - desquamative dermatitis, leukopenia, and other changes in the blood.


Before using the product, you must read the instructions for Argosulfanu as there are categories of persons who are the cream is contraindicated, these include:

  • patients with a congenital deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • persons with hypersensitivity to the components of the cream;
  • premature infants and children under the age of two months;
  • lactating women.

Application of ointments Argosulfan during pregnancy is possible only for health reasons. Care should be taken when appointing the cream of the patients staying in a state of shock from severe burns.

Additional Information

Argosulfan should be stored in a dark and cool place (between 5 and 15 0 FROM). Shelf life - 2 years.