Pharmacological action


Apilak is a biogenic stimulant drug with a tonic effect. The main substance of this preparation is apilak which is lyophilized (dried in vacuo at low temperature) royal jelly produced by the glands of worker bees. Apilak has a tonic, antispasticheskoe (relieves spasms) and trophic effects (affects the absorption of nutrients in tissue). The drug has a positive influence on regenerative processes and cellular metabolism, improves tissue trophism.

Apilak is a kind of biologically active substances, which includes vitamins (C, B 12 , AT 8 , AT 6 , AT 5 , AT 2 , AT 1 H, inositol, folic acid), minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron), 23 amino acids, including such essential valine, tryptophan, histidine, methionine, and other biologically active substances.

Indications Apilak

According to the instructions, Apilak should be taken in the following cases:

  • infants and young children when eating disorder (malnutrition) and lack of appetite (anorexia);
  • low blood pressure (hypotension);
  • malnutrition in convalescent patients;
  • seborrhea, diaper rash, atopic dermatitis;
  • neurotic disorders.

Using apilak for lactation due to a high content in it of biologically active substances that are useful for the nursing mother and her child. Apilak for lactation can restore a woman's body after childbirth, improve immunity, to cope with chronic fatigue and postpartum depression. According to some reviews Apilak for lactation can act as a stimulant.

Reviews apilak confirm the efficacy of the drug in these diseases and conditions.

Instructions for use Apilak

Apilak produced in the form of powder, ointments, tablets and suppositories. Babies this drug is given in the form of candles, which should be used within one to two weeks. Depending on the amount of active substance in the suppositories assigned ½ or 1 suppository (2, 5 mg 5 mg) three times a day.

Children older than two years, the drug can be assigned in the form of tablets - 1 piece. twice a day.

 Apilak ointment

Adults are recommended pills Apilak within 10-15 days. A single dose is 10 mg (Table 1)., Which should be taken three times a day. Tablets should be put under the tongue and should not be taken orally because the stomach acid breaks down jelly.

Ointment Apilak apply a thin layer (2-10g) at the damaged surface, such a procedure should be done once or twice a day. The course of treatment can last from one week to two months.


The instructions to apilak stated that it is unacceptable to use the drug in Addison's disease (adrenal dysfunction), as well as hereditary hypersensitivity to apilak or other bee products.

side effects

Despite the fact that in a review of apilak no information about the negative consequences of drug use, clinical studies have shown that in case of hypersensitivity may sleep disorders, allergic skin reactions, increased heart rate, dry mouth.

Additional Information

Apilak should be stored in a cool (no more than 8 0 C) and dark place. Shelf life is two years.