Antigrippin - anti-inflammatory drug.  Antigrippin Anvi

Pharmacological action Antigrippin

Antigrippin - a comprehensive drug that relieves fever and inflammation, swelling of the nasal mucosa, the symptoms of allergies, colds.

The product is available in several varieties, with different compositions: Antigrippin, Antigrippin maximum Antigrippin ANVI Antigrippin and children.

Antigrippin contains acetaminophen, ascorbic acid, chlorpheniramine maleate. Paracetamol - anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relieves fever, chlorpheniramine maleate relieves the symptoms of allergies and has a sedative effect, reduce the production of mucus. Ascorbic acid - an antioxidant, has immunomodulatory effect, reduces vascular permeability.

The preparation consists of a maximum Antigrippin paracetamol and lactose (blue pill), ascorbic acid, rimantadine, loratadine, Rutozide, calcium gluconate (red pill). Rimantadine has a strong antiviral effect, inhibits influenza virus A, encephalitis, herpes first and second types. Loratadine relieves itching, and has anti-allergic effect. Calcium gluconate also eliminates the symptoms of allergies, relieves swelling. Rutozide reduces the permeability and fragility of blood vessels, the intensity of the inflammation, swelling of tissues, improves.

In Antigrippin ANVI are metamizole sodium, diphenhydramine, calcium gluconate (white tablets), aspirin, ascorbic acid, Rutozide (green tablet).

Aspirin and Metamizole - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, rendering zharoponizhayusche and analgesic effects. Diphenhydramine has anti-allergic effect, reduces swelling, mucous hyperemia, vascular permeability, eases breathing, relieves spasms, has local anesthetic and sedation.

Antigrippin children - is a homeopathic remedy, based on vegetable and mineral components. He has immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic effect, it helps with colds and coughs.

Product form

All kinds of drug, the dosage form except for children release tablets and powder.

Antigrippin kids produced in homeopathic granules.


Antigrippin of instructions used for the symptomatic treatment of acute respiratory disease, flu, accompanied by headache, fever, sore throat, rhinorrhea, nasal mucosal edema, myalgia.

Good reviews flu remedies are applied in allergic, bacterial and viral rhinitis.

Instructions Antigrippin: how to use

Effervescent tablets Antigrippin pre-dissolved in 250 ml of water. Kids after 15L, adult prescribe take one tablet two or three p / day. The interval between doses should be not less than 4 hours. Therapy lasted 3-5 days.

Allowed to give effervescent tablets children: 3-5l - at 0, 5 tablets two p / day; 5-10l children - one tablet two p / day; 10-15l children - one tablet two or three p / day.

Powder Antigrippin for instructions before use as a pre-dissolved in water. Kids after 15L, adults take 1 shows a package of two or three p / day. Between doses should be done a break - at least 4 hours. The treatment lasts 3-5 days.

Patients suffering from disorders of the liver, kidneys recommended to increase the interval between doses powders and tablets - up to 8 hours.

Antigrippin maximum take one capsule blue and red colors at a time. Kids after 12l, adults taking the drug show two or three p / day.

Powder Antigrippin maximum take 2-3r / day in one sachet. Treatment of drug and capsules and powder 3-5dn lasts.

Capsules Antigrippin Anvi take as well as the capsule Antigrippin maximum prescribed to their children after 15L and adults. Treatment should last no more than three days. If after this time the symptoms remain, it is recommended to go to re-examination, change the therapeutic scheme.

Antigrippin children take sublingually. For children up to three years before taking the granules are dissolved in water. Take Antigrippin according to the instructions recommend taking for 15min before meals or one hour after. Babies 1-3l drug is prescribed on the basis of one granule of one year of life. Children after three years and adults to reduce the temperature Antigrippin children will appoint to take in the amount of five granules every 10-15min to improve. For the treatment of acute respiratory diseases, influenza is prescribed to take five pellets three p / day.  Antigrippin children

Good reviews flu remedies are applied in the prevention of flu, colds: take five granules of one p / day during epidemics.

side effects

Antigrippin can cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, dry mouth, hemolytic anemia, facial flushing, thrombocytopenia, urticaria, epidermal necrolysis. There are reviews flu remedies, cause angioedema, urinary retention, papillary necrosis, nephritis, hypervitaminosis, a metabolic disorder.

Side effects Antigrippin children were found.

Contraindications Antigrippin

Antigrippin Anvi, Antigrippin maximum normal Antigrippin and can not be used when: hypersensitivity, stomach ulcer, severe renal impairment, liver, prostate enlargement, angle-closure glaucoma, viral hepatitis, anemia, leukopenia, phenylketonuria, alcoholism, during lactation, pregnancy patients. Effervescent tablets are contraindicated for children under 3 years.

Judging by the reviews on flu remedies, should be taken with caution drug elderly patients and those suffering from alcoholic hepatitis, giperoksalaturiey, progressive malignant diseases.

Antigrippin children should not be given to children under one year.