Antakson - a drug for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

Pharmacological action Antaksona

The active substance Antaksona - naltrexone, which has the ability to prevent the action of various opioids - narcotic analgesics and surrogates.

The instructions Antaksona indicated that a dosage of 50 mg per day the drug blocks the effect of 25 mg of heroin introduced intravenously. With increasing doses two or three times the period of the drug is prolonged. Antaksona effect can be neutralized or weakened, taking larger doses of opioids.

Reviews Antaksone confirm that the drug does not cause drug dependence.

Product form

Antakson release gelatin capsules.


Antakson include in the complex therapy of opioid addiction to opioids are taken by the patient are not provided his usual impact.

Additional instructions Antaksona indicated that the drug can be used in treatment of alcohol abuse in combination with psychotherapy. Thus using the same regimen as for heroin addiction.

Good reviews Antaksone fixed in cases where the patient has a high personal motivation to recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Instructions Antaksona: methods of use

When heroin addiction before treatment makes urine analysis, checking the maintenance of opioids to confirm the patient's abstinence from drugs. Take the drug only after the elimination of withdrawal symptoms and not earlier than c / o 7-10 days after the last use of the opioid drug. At the same time it is strongly recommended to start treatment in the hospital, and later observe the patient being treated.

You can not begin treatment until a negative test with 0, 5 mg naloxone.

The standard daily dosage of the drug - 50 mg, but the initial dose of only 20mg Antaksona. Only if for an hour does not have any withdrawal symptoms, the patient can take the remaining 30 mg.

You can also use such regimens: 1) every three days the patient takes the drug 150mg or 100mg every two days 2) taking 50mg daily for five weekdays and on Saturday 3 100mg) on ​​Monday and Tuesday for taking 100mg and 150mg Antaksona Friday . Judging by the reviews of Antaksone, it is the latter scheme is most effective for those who are going for a long time not to take opioids.

According to the instructions Antaksona minimum course of treatment is three months, with the recommended course - six months.

For the treatment of alcoholism patient every day to take prescribed 50mg Antaksona for at least 3 months.

 Capsules Antakson
 Patients should always inform the medical staff that it takes Antakson but it is desirable to carry a card with the appointment of the drug - for those cases, if you need emergency medical care.

side effects

Antakson rarely causes adverse effects upon receiving it according to the instructions and in therapeutic doses.

In some cases it Antakson cause anxiety, fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, irritability, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, diarrhea, agitation, poor appetite, rash, worsening potency, dizziness, confusion, cough, hallucinations, depression , photophobia.

Contraindications Antaksona

Antakson of instructions can not be taken simultaneously with narcotic analgesics, if there is a positive test urine for opiates and opioids, in the absence of data drawn from a sample of naloxone in acute hepatitis, an opioid withdrawal syndrome, liver disease, hypersensitivity.

It is undesirable to use the drug to treat patients under the age of 18L, during lactation, pregnancy.

Precautions taken Antakson in pathology kidney and liver.

If you plan an operation in which an opioid analgesic is used, Antakson two days before surgery should be abolished.

The drug has no effect on the ability to manage traffic, to engage in such activities that require attention.