Vitamin complex Angiovit
 Angiovit - complex vitamin preparation.

Pharmacological action

The structure Angiovita includes vitamins B6, B12, folic acid. The drug is a good prevention of thrombosis, heart attack, atherosclerosis, ischemic stroke, diabetic angiopathy.

Cyanocobalamin reduces cholesterol, stimulates the liver and the nervous system, the process of hematopoiesis.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is essential for the passage of important metabolic processes: the formation of amino acids, pyrimidines, purines, nucleic acids. Because of this element Angiovit often prescribed during pregnancy - Folic acid reduces the negative impact of external factors on the development of the fetus.

Vitamin B6 is also involved in the metabolism, promotes the production of a protein important enzymes, hemoglobin, reduces cholesterol, improves cardiac muscle contractility.

Judging by the reviews of Angiovite, it relieves ischemia, circulatory disorders of the brain.

Product form

Vitamin complex release tablets. The composition Angiovita (one tablet) - 5mg folic acid 4 mg of vitamin B6, 0, 006mg of vitamin B12.

Indications Angiovita

Angiovit according to the instructions included in the comprehensive treatment of cardiac ischemia, cerebral circulatory failure, diabetic angiopathy, hyperhomocysteinemia (a disease that occurs due to deficiency of vitamins B6, B12, folic acid).


Application Angiovita contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the facility.

According to the instructions Angiovit not be administered concurrently with drugs that increase blood clotting.

Also, during treatment should be aware that folic acid reduces the effectiveness of phenytoin and its action adversely affect methotrexate, triamterene, pyrimethamine.

Dosing instructions for Angiovita

Complex Angiovit take one pill a day for 20 days or a month.  Vitamin complex Angiovit release tablets

Despite the positive experience of using complex Angiovit during pregnancy, while breast-feeding is prescribed only after medical advice.

There are reviews Angiovite well with asparkamom, cardiac glycosides, glutamic acid.

Side effects

Angiovit can cause bloating, irritability, malaise, rash.

If overdose occur dizziness and nausea. To eliminate these symptoms should wash out the stomach, take activated charcoal.