Angin-Heel - homeopathic remedy
 Angin-Heel - a homeopathic anti-inflammatory drug.

The pharmacological action of Angin-Heel

Angin-Heel is used in the treatment of ENT diseases, it has antipyretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, detoxification effect.

The preparation includes Hydrargyrum bicyanatum, reduces inflammation pharynx, larynx, tonsils, Apis mellifica, relieves swelling, Phytolacca, used in rheumatic diseases, inflammation of the mucous membranes, Arnica, eliminates any bleeding, helps with myalgia, Dulcamara, reduces inflammation of the joints, Belladonna, applies to treat inflammation of the respiratory tract, joints, skin, tonsils.

It is noted that the drug helps autopsy purulent tonsillar plugs and drain pus from them.

Positive reviews Angin-Heel indicate that a sore throat because of the drug significantly reduced and finally pass on the second day of therapy.

Product form

Angin-Heel release tablets for sublingual use.


Angin-Heel is used for the treatment of chronic, acute tonsillitis, it helps with tonsillar abscess, tonsillar plugs, hypertrophy and swelling of the tonsils, chronic rhinitis and other diseases of the mucous membranes.

Good reviews on Angina Khel applied in diphtheria of the nose, which developed because of her disease mucosa.

The use of Angin-Heel instructions

Angin-Heel adults appoint 1st tablet three p / day. If the disease is acute, you can take the 1st tablet every 15 min for two hours. Once the condition improves, the transition to a normal dosage. Absorbable tablet is recommended for 15 min before eating or one hour after.  Tablets Angin-Heel

Angin-Heel children after 3 years are on the 1st tablet all at once, and children up to 3 years and a newborn - 0, 5 tablets.

Once the therapeutic effect occurs, it is recommended to take the drug for 3-5 more days.

With timely treatment early (when the first symptoms of the disease) significantly reduced the duration of treatment, significantly reduced the risk of complications.

side effects

The drug can cause allergies, excessive salivation.

Contraindications to the use of Angin-Heel

Angin-Heel contraindicated according to the instructions of its components in case of intolerance, allergies to plants of the Asteraceae family.

Precautions give Angin-Heel for children up to 12l.