Angeliq tablets
 Angelique - a drug for the treatment of menopausal abnormalities.

Pharmacological action

Angelique - a complex preparation that contains estradiol and drospirenone. The drug is effective for menopausal disorders develop during menopause occurred naturally because of hypogonadism and early ovarian failure: it relieves irritability, improves sleep and mood, eliminates the atrophic changes in the urogenital system. Judging by the reviews, with continuous Angelique its application helps to avoid withdrawal bleeding, which often arise in the phase or cyclic hormone replacement therapy.

Estradiol, which is part of the drug helps restore estrogen deficiency that occurs after menopause and eliminate the typical symptoms that occur in this period: joint pain, headache, false angina, palpitations, irritability, dizziness, urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse, vaginal mucous membrane irritation .

Drospirenone thanks to its anti-androgenic properties helps with seborrhea, androgenic alopecia, acne. In addition, it promotes the excretion of water and sodium, which in turn helps to prevent weight gain, edema, chest pain, pressure increase.

Positive reviews Angelica caused by the fact that the drug lowers the level of cholesterol, prevents cancer and endometrial hyperplasia.

Form release Angelica

Angelique release tablets.


Angelique hormone pills taken as a hormone replacement therapy for menopausal disorders, for the prevention of osteoporosis, which occurs in post-menopausal.

Instructions Angelique

 Angelique - drug used in menopausal disorders
 In the event that woman to receive Angelica did not take estrogens or transferred to it from other integrated product, as intended for continuous therapy, pills, she can start to take at any time.

Those patients who took up to Angelique complex cyclic drug begin receiving only after the end withdrawal bleeding.

One package is designed Angelique hormone pills for 28 days. Take one tablet medication daily. After the end of one package should be started without a break, the next day.

Angeliq tablets taken as a whole, do not chew. Take them preferably in the same time of day, skip taking them undesirable. If this happens, the missed tablet should be taken as soon as possible. The instructions Angelique pointed out that in the case between taking tablets have passed more than a day, you can not take an extra tablet.

Side effects tablets Angelique

Angeliq can cause breast enlargement, uterine fibroids, benign tumors of the breast appearance and uterus, vaginal discharge, endometrial hyperplasia, breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, diseases of the ovaries and uterus, pelvic pain, candidiasis, vaginitis, salpingitis, dryness of the vaginal mucosa, nausea, disturbances of the digestive tract, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating, anemia, depression, irritability, decreased libido, paresthesia, headache, anxiety, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, embolism, hypertension, varicose veins, palpitation, thrombophlebitis.

There are reviews of Angelica, causing shortness of breath, acne, pruritus, hirsutism, rash, alopecia, hair and skin disease, weight change, anorexia, back pain, myalgia, muscle cramps, urinary ducts, chest pain, chills, sweating, malaise.

Omitting a few Angelique hormone pills may begin uterine bleeding.


Angelique on the instructions can not be taken for bleeding from the vagina of unknown origin, diagnosed or disinfected alleged breast cancer, malignant and benign tumors of the liver, severe hepatic and renal pathologies, thromboembolism, acute thrombosis, hypersensitivity, during lactation, pregnancy.

Apply Angelique to protect against unwanted pregnancy impossible.