Halothane - means  Packing Halothane
 for narcosis.

The pharmacological action of halothane

According to the instructions Halothane contains a strong active substance for inhalation anesthesia - halothane. It acts by inhalation, quickly introduces anesthesia, with a stage of excitation is practically absent.

The drug was well painkillers and muscle relaxant, but often at the same time it requires the use of muscle relaxants for optimal relaxation. The introduction of anesthesia causes pleasurable sensations.

Halothane effect on the autonomic nervous system, and through it - on the state of internal organs and tissues. Thus, it dilates the arterial blood vessels in the skin and muscle, reduce blood pressure, heart rate slows, reduces the contractility of the heart muscle. The heart becomes more sensitive to the effects of adrenaline and other catecholamines, which could trigger arrhythmias.

Also, the influence of the autonomic nervous system caused mild bronchodilator effect. Anesthesia ftorotanom does not increase the secretion of saliva and bronchial glands, reduces uterine proportional to the depth of anesthesia, does not alter the acid-alkaline balance in the body. The drug inhibits the cough and vomiting center.

Halothane is converted in the liver, excretion of light is carried out partly in the bile and urine.

Product form

The drug is available in vials-droppers as a liquid for inhalation anesthesia.

Indications ftorotana

The drug is used for anesthesia in general surgery in the hospital, as well as "small" outpatient surgery, including endoscopic at.

Often operating anesthesia using the drug complex itself Halothane is used to maintain anesthesia.

Sometimes anesthesia ftorotanom used to create artificial hypotension, to reduce blood loss and reduce the stress of large blood vessels during surgery.


According to the instructions Halothane is not recommended as halothane anesthesia in case of intolerance, in childbirth (reduces the force of uterine  Halothane vial
 abbreviations), jaundice and liver diseases, persistent and long-term rise in temperature, intracranial pressure, in tumors of the adrenal glands (pheochromocytoma), changes in the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), lower blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias. If the previous using halothane anesthesia was less than 3 months ago, for general anesthesia using other means. If the patient is taking cardiac glycosides, ftorotanovy anesthesia should be interpreted with caution.

Instructions for use ftorotana

The precise dosage of the drug possible when it is supplied with a calibrated vaporizer is located closed ventilator circuit. This is necessary to avoid overdosing means.

The introduction of halothane in the body through ventilators - they allow precise control of the percentage of the drug in the respiratory mixture with oxygen or nitrous oxide and oxygen. When the average dose 0 5-4% of surgical anesthesia achieved after 5-6 minutes, and after stopping supply of anesthetic a patient wakes up in 5-15 minutes. Usually served for induction of anesthesia 3-4% halothane and maintenance dose of anesthesia during surgery is 0, 5-1, 5%.

The tool can not be stored after use in the evaporator anesthesia machine.

side effects

Anesthesia ftorotanom can cause a decrease in blood pressure, slow heart rate, arrhythmia, liver malfunction, respiratory depression, fever and intracranial pressure.

After waking up from the anesthetic sleep can tremor, dizziness or headache.