Hormonal drug Androgel
 Androgel - hormonal drug for external use.

Pharmacological action

The basis of AndroGel - hormone testosterone, responsible for the development of external and internal genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics in males.

Good reviews of AndroGel caused by the fact that, as compared with tablets and injections of testosterone when applied topically does not lead to the accumulation of steroids in the liver.

Use Androgel only deficiency of testosterone, which is accompanied by changes in body composition, regression of secondary sexual characteristics, fatigue, deterioration of libido, erectile dysfunction. Before therapy necessarily exclude other causes that could cause similar symptoms.

Form release AndroGel

Colorless and transparent gel in disposable packages of 25 and 50 mg.


Androgel according to the instructions for use of hormone testosterone deficiency.

Instructions AndroGel, method of application

 Androgel - gel for topical use
 The therapeutic daily dosage of gel - 5g or 50 mg, based on testosterone. Gel is applied one row / day, preferably in the same time.

During therapy, depending on the laboratory parameters AndroGel dose increase. Correction is performed gradually, 2, 5g gel per day. Change the dosing regimen on the third day of therapy, after determining the figure of the morning testosterone. The maximum permissible dose - 10g.

Androgel applied to a dry, undamaged skin of the abdomen, upper arms, shoulders. In the genital area to cause the drug can not be, because because alcohol contained in a preparation, it may cause irritation.

The contents of the package are applied to the skin immediately after opening, and a thin layer is partitioned. Rub the skin Androgel not necessarily apply it should be for 5 minutes before dressing, so he had to dry.

After the treatment the skin preparation Androgel should wash their hands and take precautions: always wear clothing to cover the treated areas and prevent possible contact with strangers, especially with children. Before sexual intercourse is recommended to take a shower to wash off the drug.

Side effects of AndroGel

Androgel can cause dryness and irritation of the skin, gynecomastia, changes in prostate, mastodynia, headache, amnesia, paresthesia, dizziness, mood changes, hypersensitivity, high blood pressure, diarrhea, alopecia, erythema, acne.

In high doses, judging by the reviews, Androgel may cause nervousness, weight gain, irritability, frequent and prolonged erection. In this case, the dosage should be adjusted or stop the drug.


Androgel of instruction is contraindicated in prostate cancer and suspected him, breast carcinoma, hypersensitivity.

Be wary appoint Androgel the presence of malignant tumors, with severe renal, hepatic failure, ischemia, hypertension, migraine, epilepsy.

Do not use the drug to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility are not related to testosterone deficiency.