Anafranil - protivodepressivnogo drug action.

 Anafranil tablets

Pharmacological action Anafranil

The active substance of Anafranil - clomipramine, which has antidepressant, sedative and mild analgesic effect.

There are reviews Anafranile, eliminates anxiety, depression, lethargy. Effective drug and bulimia, and in patients with depression and those it is not revealed.

The antidepressant effect of the drug is a week after initiation of therapy. When narcoleptic sleepiness drug ineffective.

Product form

Anafranil release tablets, solution.


Anafranil is prescribed according to the instructions for various neurotic depressive states, involutional, endogenous, reactive, organic character, a depressive syndrome that developed on the background of schizophrenia, personality disorder.

Anafranil is effective in depressive states, provoked by prolonged pain, the fear for panic attacks, chronic pain in cancer patients suffering from migraine, rheumatism, post-herpetic neuralgia, post-trauma, peripheral neuropathy, narcolepsy, catalepsy.

Good reviews Anafranile applicable in the prevention of migraine headache relief.

Instructions Anafranil, method of application

Is drug inside, after a meal or during it, is administered intramuscularly or intravenously.

For the treatment of phobias, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder are taking Anafranil inside 2-3r / day or 25mg for a sustained-release tablet (75mg) once p / day (preferably in the evening). For one week, the daily dosage of Anafranil gradually increased to 100-150mg. Once the condition improves, the patient is transferred to maintenance therapy - 50-100mg per day.

Anafranil inject intramuscularly at a dose of 25-50mg, then every day increasing the dose of 25mg, bring it up to 100-150mg / day. After stabilization, reducing the number of injections, the patient is transferred to the domestic drug.

Anafranil is administered intravenously over 1 5-3ch - 50-75mg. Held single infusion before administration dissolved in dextrose or sodium chloride solution. Patients with depression are subject to daily changes in the state, it would be preferable to hold infusion Anafranilom in the morning and watch the patient for some time after the procedure. Once the desired effect is achieved, more drug is infused over 3-5 days. As maintenance treatment the patient is prescribed tablets Anafranil.

For the treatment of narcolepsy Anafranil is prescribed a daily dosage of 25-75mg, orally

For removal of chronic pain take Anafranil inwardly in dosage 10-150mg / day.

When panic attacks are taking an antidepressant at a dose of 10 mg / day. The good effect gives the combination of it with benzodiazepines. Thus, for the treatment dosage is gradually increased Anafranil (depending on tolerance), and benzodiazepine overturned. It is desirable that the treatment lasted for at least six months.

 Anafranil solution
 Older patients administered at a dosage of 10 mg Anafranil / day, gradually increasing the dosage to 30-50mg.

Babies Anafranil according to the instructions prescribed in doses of 10 mg and 10 days for it to increase: children 5-7l - up to 20 mg for children 8-14l - up to 20-50mg, children after 14L - up to 50 mg and higher.

side effects

Anafranil can cause blurred vision, tachycardia, dry mouth, hallucinations, constipation, increased sweating, drowsiness, restlessness, anxiety, aggression, impaired memory and concentration, nightmares, psychosis, tremor, paresthesia, arrhythmia, ataxia, collapse, hypotension, lability , nausea, hepatitis, heartburn, vomiting, insomnia, tinnitus, irritability, malaise.

When administered intravenously, may develop thrombophlebitis, appear burning, lymphangitis, skin rash.

With an overdose of Anafranil occur: drowsiness, ataxia, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, stupor, muscle rigidity, seizures, tachycardia, a violation of intracardiac conduction, and even cardiac arrest. Hold these symptoms 4-6 days developing four hours after the overdose.

There are also reviews of Anafranile, in high doses causing shortness of breath, vomiting, dilated pupils, respiratory distress, cyanosis, oliguria, increased sweating, anuria. When taken orally for the treatment of an overdose of the drug washed stomach, take activated charcoal, in severe cases, arrhythmia, low blood pressure, coma, cholinesterase inhibitors are administered, conduct artificial respiration, anticonvulsant therapy. Diuresis and hemodialysis are considered ineffective.

Contraindications Anafranil

Instructions for Anafranil is contraindicated in: myocardial infarction, alcohol and drug poisoning, angle-closure glaucoma, severe conduction disorders, children up to 10-12l, women during lactation, pregnancy.

Be wary appoint Anafranil in chronic alcoholism, bronchial asthma, manic depression, oppression of bone marrow hematopoietic function, angina, chronic congestive heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmias, heart block, stroke, gastrointestinal motility disorders, kidney and liver failure, hyperthyroidism, urinary retention hyperplasia prostate cancer, schizophrenia, epilepsy in the elderly.