Anaferon - immunomodulatory agent is an antiviral.

Pharmacological action

Immunoprotective Anaferon property at the expense of increasing the number of antibodies, activation of cellular and humoral components of immunity, interferon formation. All this with SARS and influenza removes various respiratory symptoms (runny nose, cough) symptoms of intoxication (fever, headache).

When using Anaferon reduced risk of superinfection, a bacterial infection of accession.

Product form

Anaferon Anaferon children and adults are available in the form of tablets for sublingual use (resorption tablets under the tongue).

Indications Anaferon

Reviews Anaferon most positive, and use it for the treatment of SARS, influenza, chronic and acute cytomegalovirus and herpes infections.

In addition, according to the instructions for use Anaferon used in complex therapy of mixed bacterial infections and for the treatment and prevention of immunodeficiency states and infections, complications of SARS and influenza.

The same indications for use and children Anaferon.

Instructions for use Anaferon

As indicated in the instructions for use Anaferon adults appoint 1 tablet three to six p. / Day. When the condition improves, you can take one Anaferon p. / D., For 8-10 days.

 Anaferon children
 Anaferon children appointed from months of age. When respiratory disease drugs give the appearance of the first symptoms of such a scheme: the first two hours every 30 minutes. a tablet and three tablets for the first day. Then you need to take one tablet 3 p. / Day until complete recovery.

For the prevention of bacterial complications Anaferon appoint 1 tablet one p. / Day. fasting 8-12 days.

In making Anaferon not swallow the tablet to its full dissolution, and for children from one month to 3 years, according to the instructions for use Anaferon dissolved in a tablespoon of boiled water.

side effects

After taking the drug side effects rarely occur, judging by the reviews Anaferon can cause a allergic reaction to the adjuvants are included in it.

Contraindications Anaferon

The drug is contraindicated in case of intolerance components, pregnancy, lactation, and autoimmune diseases.