Amoxil pills

Amoxil - is an antibiotic belonging to the group aminopenicillins with a broad spectrum of action.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Amoxil - Amoxicillin trihydrate. Amoxicillin - is aminopenicillin synthetic origin, which has a bactericidal property, but is not sensitive to microorganisms that produce penicillinase, and some others.

The present composition Amoxil clavulanic acid, which makes it resistant to penicillinase, reduces the cross-resistance to an antimicrobial drug action.

Product form

Amoxil release tablets of 625, 500, 250 mg, and as a powder for infusion 1 2r.

Indications for use Amoxil

According to the instructions Amoxil is prescribed for such diseases:

  • gastrointestinal infection and hepatobiliary system;
  • infections of the urinary tract;
  • Infection of bone joints;
  • soft tissue infections and skin.

Effective use of Amoxil in infectious complications after surgery.

In combination with clarithromycin or metronidazole Amoxil used in the treatment of ulcerative disease of the digestive tract and chronic gastritis.

Methods of application Amoxil

Follow the instructions Amoxil infusion and administered orally.

 Amoxil powder
 Infusion (intravenous) administration of bolus or infusion is conducted with an interval of 8-12 hours. The solution Amoxil is introduced immediately after reconstitution of the powder and then not kept.

Sredneterapevticheskih Amoxil dose for adults - 1000/200 mg every 8 hours. The maximum permissible dose - 100/200 mg every 6 hours.

When surgical interventions administered anesthesia to a single dose of Amoxil 1000 / 200mg, after the same amount every six hours.

When treating children Amoxil is used in such dosage: up to 3 months. (Up to 4 kg) was administered once 25/5 mg per kilogram of body weight every 12 hours. From 3 months. to 12 liters. (Weighing more than 4 kg) administered 25 / 5mg per kilogram spaced 8 hours.

Amoxil pills are not associated with food intake, they should swallow whole. Amoxil pills are taken with an interval of 8 hours.

According to the instructions Amoxil children prescribed as follows: 1-2 years - 30 mg per day per kilogram of body weight. From 2 to 5 liters. - 125 mg at one time. C 5-10 liters. - 250 mg at one time. With 10l. (If body weight is more than 40kg) - 250-500mg at a time. The maximum dose for children Amoxil tablets - 60 mg per kilogram per day.

Adults Amoxil tablets provide 250-500 mg. In severe conditions - 1d.

side effects

Amoxil can cause an allergic reaction: hives, angioedema, erythema, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, at least - in the form of eosinophilia, joint pain, fever, anaphylactic shock.

There are also diarrhea, vomiting, appearance of superinfection, nausea during treatment with Amoxil.

When used in conjunction with metronidazole Amoxil possible anorexia, nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, pseudomembranous colitis, stomatitis, glossitis, pain in the epigastric region, sometimes there are hepatitis, hematopoiesis disorders, interstitial nephritis.

With prolonged use Amoxil observed convulsions, dizziness, depression, loss of consciousness, ataxia, neuropathy periodic.


The instructions Amoxil stated that it is impossible to take the drug if the patient is increased sensitivity to penicillins, cephalosporins. Amoxil is also not used for mononucleosis infectious nature, pregnancy, breast-feeding, violations of blood, lymphatic leukemia, diseases of the nervous system.

In addition, sensitivity to the presence of nitroimidazole derivatives can not be used simultaneously with Amoxil metronidazole.