Amoxicillin Capsules

Amoxicillin - an antibiotic bactericidal action, semi-synthetic penicillin.

Pharmacological action

In Amoxicillin wide range of effects, resistance to it microorganisms that produce penicillinase.

Amoxicillin is resistant to acids, completely and rapidly absorbed in the intestine.

Product form

Amoxicillin is available in tablets of 1, 0 g, 0 capsules, 5 and 0, 25d oral solution for internal use (0, 1d - 1 ml) as a suspension (0 -5ml 125g) and the powder (1 0 g) to dilution injection.

Indications Amoxicillin

According to the instructions amoxicillin is prescribed for bacterial infections of the character: pneumonia, flu, bronchitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, infectious enterocolitis, gonorrhea.

In the opinion of Amoxicillin is well manifested in the treatment of other infections provoked by pathogens which are sensitive to the antibiotic.

Methods of oral amoxicillin

 Amoxicillin suspension
 Appointing Amoxicillin, should undertake a study of the microflora, which caused a certain disease (antibiogram). The correct dosage of medication prescribed by the physician, taking into account the course of the disease, the sensitivity of pathogens, but in the instruction Amoxicillin have average rates of the drug.

Amoxicillin for children older than 10 liters. and weighing more than 40 kg as adults appoint take three p. / day for 0, 5 g. If the disease is hard, increase the dose to 1, 0 g.

Amoxicillin for children from 5 to 10 liters. appoint 0, 25g three p. / day. From 2 to 5l.- to 0, 125g and three p. / Day. Children under 2 l.naznachayut 20mg of amoxicillin per kilogram of three steps.

Children up to 10 liters. Amoxicillin is better to give a suspension.

side effects

When amoxicillin may be allergic manifestations: erythema, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria, angioedema. Less commonly occurs fever, eosinophilia, allergic shock, pain in the joints.

There are reviews of amoxicillin, saying that its use has provoked the development of superinfection caused by pathogens that are in the body, but are not detected, and are resistant to the antibiotic. This may occur in patients suffering from chronic diseases with decreased or form stable body.


As stated in the instructions are not prescribed Amoxicillin if the patient high sensitivity to penicillin, infectious mononucleosis when.

Under the supervision of a physician should prescribe amoxicillin for pregnant women and patients with allergies. Also, judging by the reviews Amoxicillin can cause an allergic reaction to the cross tsefalosparinami a person sensitive to penicillin.