The drug has immunomodulatory effects, ie It improves the immune system.

Pharmacological action

Amiksin is an effective synthetic inducer which promotes the synthesis of interferon, which belong to a type of alpha, beta and gamma.

The main active substance is Amiksina tiporon, which responds to the introduction of hepatocytes (liver cells), granulocytes (one of the subgroups of white blood cells) and T lymphocytes (lymphocytes that develop in the thymus) and intestinal epithelial cells actively producing interferon.

After applying Amiksina maximum amount of interferon produced for 4-24 hours, primarily on tiporon reacts intestine, then - the liver, and in the last instance - Blood. The drug has antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

Application Amiksina effective in the treatment of many viral infections, including influenza viruses, respiratory viral infections caused by other pathogens, as well as hepatitis viruses and herpes viruses. Amiksina antiviral effect is due to its ability to inhibit viral replication by inhibiting the translation of the virus in infected cells, proteins.

According to reviews, Amiksin far exceeds its analogues in safety, duration of action, and the resulting effect latitude areas of use. This drug is well tolerated and is not toxic.

Amiksin after oral administration is rapidly absorbed, bioavailability (the ability to be acquired) - 60%, binding to plasma proteins - 80%. Virtually unchanged eliminated via the kidneys (9%) and intestine (70%). Amiksin does not accumulate in the body and does not undergo biotransformation.

Indications Amiksina

Clinical studies and reviews Amiksin confirm whether the use of the drug for the following diseases:

  • prevention and treatment of influenza and SARS;
  • cytomegalovirus infection;
  • herpes;
  • viral hepatitis A, B and C.

The instructions to Amiksin indicated that it is possible the effective application of the drug in the complex therapy of these diseases:

- Viral and infectious-allergic encephalomyelitis;

- Respiratory and urogenital chlamydia;

- Pulmonary tuberculosis.

For the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections for children over 7 years appoint Amiksin children.

Dosing Amiksina

 Amiksin children

The drug is available in the form of tablets, coated tablets, 60 mg (children Amiksin) and 125 mg. This medication should be taken orally at the end of the meal. Adult patients on 125 mg tablets are assigned as follows:

  • Prevention of influenza and SARS - 6 weeks should take 1 tablet once a week.
  • Treatment of influenza and SARS - 6 tablets distributed as follows: the first two days: 1 tablet per day, the remaining tablets are taken with an interval of 48 hours.
  • Acute hepatitis B - Amiksin taken in the same way as the flu, the course consists of 16 tablets.
  • Acute gepapit C - the drug is taken in the same way as the flu, the course consists of 20 tablets.
  • Viral hepatitis A - according to the instructions Amiksin should take 1 tablet twice a day the first two days, then every 48 hours and 1 tablet. During the entire course should be taken 10 tablets.
  • Chronic hepatitis B - in the initial phase of the first two days should take 1 tablet twice a day, then 1 tablet - every two days (a total of 20 tablets). Application Amiksina in the amount of 10-20 tablets provides continuation phase during which the intake of 1 tablet is held once a week. Heading dose (30-50 tablets) is designed for 3 6/5 months.
  • Chronic hepatitis C - a diagram of the drug is the same as in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. The course (50 tablets) is designed for six months.
  • Combined therapy neyrovirusnyh infections - the first two days is assigned 1-2 tablets, then every two days 1 tablet.
  • Herpes and cytomegalovirus infection - use scheme Amiksin corresponds to a dose and dosing frequency for the treatment of influenza. The course consists of 10-20 tablets.
  • Respiratory and chlamydia urogentalny - treatment occurs in the same manner as the treatment of influenza. Heading dose contains 10 tablets.
  • Combined therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis - 2 tablets the first two days, followed by 1 tablet every 48 hours. The course consists of 20 tablets.

Treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections without complications in children older than 7 years is carried out using Amiksina children, 1 tablet which comprises 60 mg tilorona: the first, second and fourth day of treatment is appointed on 1 tablet. If the flu or SARS accompanied by complications, while further on the sixth day of treatment is assigned another, fourth, tablet Amiksina children.

side effects

In a review of Amiksin extremely rare complaints undesirable effects after taking the drug, but there is a possibility of side effects such as allergic reactions and fever (not for long). Possible disturbance to the functioning of the digestive system.


The instructions to Amiksin stated that the use of the drug should be avoided in the following cases:

- Hypersensitivity;

- Pregnancy;

- For women during breastfeeding;

- Children up to 7 years.

Additional Information

Storage of the drug should be dark and dry, and the temperature - within 5-30 0 Amiksina C. Shelf life - 3 years.