Alum burnt

 Alum burnt

Alum burnt - a natural anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacological action

Burnt alum obtained by heating the potassium-alum at + 160grd to reduce the initial volume to 55%. What remains, triturated sieved. The resulting powder - white, crystalline, inert, chemical resistance, good moisture-absorbing, odorless.

Reviews of burnt alum positive, anti-inflammatory agent, dried, antimicrobial, cauterizing, enveloping, hemostatics action. In addition, they are well eliminate itching.

Product form

The powder in the banks.

Indications burnt alum

The use of burnt alum is effective in treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), as excessive sweating in places unnecessary alum adsorbed moisture, and their disinfectant properties allow immobilize bacteria and fungi, which are the source of odors. The absorbent property alums and their ability to reduce the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands allow to use them as an antiperspirant.

Means are also used to prevent irritation of the skin, healing of minor cuts, for example, as an aftershave.

At the site of application form albuminates alum - colloidal film that protects nerve endings. This reduces the pain, burning, itching, tension after insect bites.

Good reviews of burnt alum, used for dermatitis, toxicoderma, diaper rash, ekzematizirovannom neurodermatitis, eczema, mycosis disgidroticheskom, gingivitis, balanitis, stomatitis, vulvovaginitis, Blepharoconjunctivitis.

According to the instructions burnt alum are also used for the treatment of festering wounds, trophic ulcers - they pull together, dried wound, stop the blood.

Alums are widely used in cosmetics - on the basis of their produce creams and powders, have anti-inflammatory effect, increases the elasticity of the skin, tightens pores.

 Apply burnt alum mainly as powders

Instructions for use of burnt alum

According to the instructions on the main burnt alum readings used in the form of powders are used as needed.

For the treatment of wounds and ulcers, a solution of alum - 0, 5 tablespoons teaspoon diluted in a glass of hot water. Treat the wound several times a day, if necessary, impose a gauze bandage.

Side effects

The only side effects after using burnt alum are allergic reactions.