Alora - a sedative.

Pharmacological action

 Alora pills
 The components that make up the drug, contribute to lowering the tone of smooth muscle cells in the human body. Information about this action is contained in the instructions to Alora. Conducting nerve impulses in the brain and spinal cord slows, reduces the excitability of the central nervous system. Thus, the preparation Alora gives the following effects:

  • Sedation;
  • Anesthetic;
  • Antispasmodic;
  • Anticonvulsant.

Reviews Alora to provide information about these positive changes in the health status of patients:

1. Improvement of mood;

2. The reduction of anxiety;

3. Reducing mental stress;

4. Easy hypnotic effect;

5. The deep and restful sleep (without state oppression in the morning);

6. No inhibitory effects on brain activity.

Use Alora allows to calm down and remove stress. At the same time there is clarity of consciousness, no drowsiness during the day. The body is in the waking state, there remains clarity of thought and activity in the actions.

Taking Alora according to the instructions, avoiding the excess of recommended doses, it is possible to get rid of excessive irritability and anxiety.

Product form

The drug is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Alora tablets (packs of 4 or 20 pieces);
  • Alora Syrup in bottles with a capacity of 100 ml.

Indications Alora

The main indicators for the appointment, according to the instruction to Alora are the following autonomic nervous system diseases:

  • Cardiopsychoneurosis;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Tseberalny vascular crisis;
  • Rapid heartbeat (tachycardia);
  • Asthenia (weakness, fatigue in the muscles).

In addition, when there are various signs of the disorder of the nervous system, regardless of the source of the disease, is appointed Alora. These symptoms may include:

1. neurasthenia;

2. Depression;

3. Stress;

4. State of the alarm;

5. Excessive irritability;

6. Sleep disturbance;

7. Insomnia;

8. The period of menopause;

9. pre-menopausal (women after the age of 40 - 45 years);

10. Increased sweating;

11. Chills;

12. Tremor.

Effectively in the case of the appointment of Alora posleinfektsionnoy asthenia syndrome. Alora drug in tablets and syrup is prescribed for neurosis, including at cardioneurosis.


According to the instructions in Alora, the drug should not be taken for people under 12 years old. Absolute contraindications to Alora tablets a child up to 3 years. On prescription assume reception Alora syrup children older than 3 years and under 12 years of age, in small doses, with strict observance of the instructions to Alora.

If you have a hypersensitivity (hypersensitivity) to the components forming part of Alora, must renounce the use of the drug. In this case, you must contact your doctor to assign another tool that could replace Alora.

In the treatment of pills or syrup Alora should completely eliminate alcohol. During the period of administration of the drug should not drink even beer.

In a review of Alora is no definite information about the use of the drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding: it is dangerous or not, is not known. Therefore, the decision to appoint Alora pregnant women and nursing mothers attending physician takes in control of the patient. During pregnancy, the gynecologist decides this issue, and during breastfeeding - a pediatrician.

During treatment Alora is better to refrain from driving, work in hazardous occupations. This is due to the fact that the drug may cause some confusion and lower concentration.

Instructions for use Alora

Alora Syrup and tablets should be taken before meals.

 Alora Syrup
 Recall only by order of the attending physician, for a soothing effect for children older than 3 years are usually prescribed to 1/2 teaspoon (2, 5 mL). The interval between doses Alora in syrup should be between 8 to 12 hours, no less. Thus, one day the child should get 2 - 3 doses of drug.

Children under 12 years of age and adults, to achieve sedation, administered 5 - 10 ml (1 - 2 teaspoons). Take the syrup Alora in this case, every 8 hours.

In the case of insomnia, a single dose will Alora syrup is 10 ml.

  Alora tablets can be used once children reach 12 years of age and older. With the aim of sedative-1 well, Alora tablet containing 100 mg of passionflower extract (active ingredient) taken before meals, three times a day.

Sleep disorders, 2 - 3 tablets Alora take an hour - a half before the desired sleep onset.

The duration of the course of treatment the doctor sets Alora. How long will the patient take the medicine, which form of the drug will be used (Alora tablets or syrup), depending on certain factors:

  • Age of the patient;
  • Individual characteristics (weight, sex, body type);
  • Lifestyle (presence or absence of movement);
  • Psychological stress (at work, in the family);
  • The presence of chronic diseases;
  • Accepted drugs (except Alora).

Side effects

Reviews Alora indicate that subject appointed doctor and in the recommended dosage instructions to Alora reception, the side effects of the drug are unlikely. However, at elevated doses can receive all the signs of intoxication (nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, vomiting). Moreover, Alora overdose can lead to lethargy, difficulty in awakening in the morning, a decrease in efficiency. Excessive doses exceeding reception Alora threatens serious consequences, up to a deep swoon, and the confluence of the coma.

This increased sensitivity to the active components within the composition Alora may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, people with allergies should be careful in the observance of receiving doses of Alora. In the appointment of treatment one must not forget to focus on the doctor that the patient's allergy is present.

It does not interfere before taking the drug do allergy tests on the active substances of new drugs. In addition, in allergic painful reaction may occur not only on the active ingredient itself (passion fruit extract) as the composition of the syrup is made on the basis of which Alora in the dosage form. Perhaps in this case, as an option, be appointed Alora tablets.

Caution in the appointment and taking the drug Alora need to follow people with severe organic disease of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, before prescribing a sedative Alora better to conduct additional testing for susceptibility of the stomach and intestines to the new drug.