Alaminol - means antiseptic.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredients Alaminola - glyoxal and alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride are active bacteria, fungi Candida, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, causative agents of acute respiratory infections, viral parenteral hepatitis, HIV, herpes, rotavirus, enterovirus, poliovirus.

Product form

Producing Alaminol as a concentrate with low odor bright blue.

Indications Alaminola

Alaminol according to the instructions for use: Disinfection products used for medical purposes, for predsteriliziatsionnoy cleaning of endoscopes and accompanying tools for the disinfection of premises, surfaces, furniture, equipment, inventory, dressings, wipes, disposable underwear before disposal, patient care items .

The solution Alaminola successfully used for cleaning in catering establishments, medical, utilities during seasonal epidemics.

With regular use Alaminol prevents reproduction of moldy fungi in residential, non-residential premises.


Contraindications Alaminola not.

Instructions for use Alaminola

According to the instructions Alaminola and develop guidelines, there are different modes of disinfection.

Apply for antiseptic treatment of r-ry 1, 1, 5, 3, 5, 8, 10%. In order to dissolve 1% solution - to have to concentrate 10ml 1000ml of water; 1, 5% solution - 15ml to 1000ml water; 3% rastvor- 30ml concentrate 1000ml of water, etc.

A solution of 1% is used for disinfection and prevention of infections of bacterial origin (except for tuberculosis) - they wipe sanitary equipment, surfaces, patient care items made of rubber, glass, plastic, metal, soaking uncontaminated and contaminated secretions linen and equipment used for cleaning.

The solution Alaminola 3 and 5% is used for the same purposes as 1% solution, as well as surface treatment, care items, linens, equipment, inventory for tuberculosis, candidiasis, tinea, viral infections.

Application Alaminola 5, 8, 10% is recommended for the disinfection of medical supplies for bacterial, viral, fungal diseases, including candida and tuberculosis - by dipping into the solution. For treatment of glass, plastic, metal objects and tools, including in dentistry. Breeding Alaminol 8 and 10% is necessary for the processing of rubber products.

For presterilizing cleaning (soaking, washing and rinsing) disinfection of medical devices (except endoscopes and accompanying instruments) used 5 and 8% solutions.

 Concentrate plus Alaminol
 For presterilizing cleaning (soaking, washing and rinsing) rigid, flexible endoscopes using a solution of 1, 5%.

For presterilizing cleaning, disinfection of dental, surgical instruments used in ultrasonic units 8% solution.

Breeding Alaminol should wear rubber gloves, avoiding his eyes. Containers in which the solution is carried out by means of disinfection by immersion, kept closed. Keep concentrated and diluted disinfectant should be separate from other medicines.

According to the instructions Alaminola diluted solution can be used repeatedly throughout the shelf-life or to change the appearance (turbidity, change in color etc.). Concentrate in unopened containers stored 12months, and the diluted solution - no more than 10 days.

side effects

Alaminola solution in contact with the skin causing them to redness, irritation. In this case, a means must be immediately washed off from the skin, treat her with any soothing cream.

If you get into Alaminola need to drink about 500 ml of water with 10 or 20 pills of activated carbon.

In case of contact with eyes Alaminola they must be washed and drip sulfatsil sodium 30% - 1-2kap.