Memantine Akatinol

 Memantine Akatinol

Akatinol Memantine - a neurotropic agent for the treatment of dementia.

Release form and composition

In group membership preparation is miorelaksiruyuschim agents that act on the central nervous system.

It is produced in the form of tablets, coated tablets, 10 pieces in blisters.

1 tablet contains 10 mg of the main active ingredient - memantine hydrochloride and excipients:

  • Lactose;
  • MCC;
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • Talc;
  • Magnesium stearate.

The shell consists of a copolymer of methacrylic acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, polysorbate 80, triacetin, simethicone emulsion, talc.


The drug has nootropic and vasodilatory effect, and stimulates the nervous system. Warns hypoxia of the brain and the subsequent death of his cell.

Application akatinol Memantine is indicated for:

  • Dementia of the Alzheimer type;
  • Vascular dementia;
  • Mixed dementia of all severities.

The active substance eliminates stiffness and bradykinesia (stiffness), improves memory and concentration, increases physical endurance and relieves symptoms of depression, reduces the tendency to muscle spasm caused by brain diseases.


Akatinol Memantine under the instruction is contraindicated in:

  • Individual intolerance to any component of the formulation;
  • Acute disorders of brain functions;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Thyrotoxicosis;
  • Renal or hepatic impairment;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Dosage and Administration

For adults, the drug begins with 5 mg / day. After 1 week, the dose could be increased to 10 mg / day, and during the third week administered 20 mg / day.

The maintenance dose is between 10-20 mg / day. The maximum permissible dose akatinol Memantine is 30 mg / day. Start of treatment is recommended to assign the minimum effective dose, which is determined individually.

side effects

The drug can cause the following side effects:

  • Dizziness;
  • Hyperexcitability;
  • Nausea;
  • Asthenia (weakness);
  • Anxiety;
  • Intracranial hypertension.


At simultaneous reception with barbiturates, antipsychotics or anticholinergic drugs may enhance their action.

Application Akatinol Memantine can help to change the reaction rate, so patients are treated on an outpatient basis, you should be careful when driving and complex mechanisms.


Memantine contain the following formulations:

  • Alzeym;
  • Memaneyrin;
  • Memantine;
  • Memantal;
  • Memantinol.

Memantine analogs akatinol mechanism of action are:

  • Biloba;
  • Vitrum Memory;
  • Gingium;
  • Ginos;
  • Intellan;
  • Memoplant;
  • Tanakan.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature no higher than 25 ° C. Keep away from children.

Shelf life - 4 years.