Agri - composite homeopathic medicine
 Agri - composite homeopathic drug used for the prevention and treatment of influenza and SARS.

Pharmacological action

Antigrippin Agri provides detoxification, sedative, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect that is due to its composition of natural ingredients. Agri under the instruction increases the body's resistance to the effects of microbes and viruses, reducing the severity and duration of symptoms - headache and body aches, and also reduces the manifestation of catarrhal symptoms - cough, sore throat and runny nose. In the opinion of Agri is also effective as a prevention during epidemics of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections to reduce the risk of disease and the development of complications.

Product form

Agri issued in the form of homeopathic granules of 20 g and 20 tablets of 30 pieces of mud.

Medication for adults comprises:

  • Composition №1 - Aconitum C200, Rhus toxicodendron C200, Arsenicum iodatum C200;
  • The composition of the number 2 - Bryonia C200, Phytolacca C200, Hepar sulfur C200.

The children Agri includes:

  • Composition number 1 - Arsenicum iodatum C30, Aconitum C30, Ferrum phosphoricum C30, Atropa belladonna C30;
  • The composition of the number 2 - Bryonia C30, Pulsatilla C30, Hepar sulfur C30.

Indications Antigrippin Agri

According to the instructions Agri used for the symptomatic treatment of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, as well as a prophylactic agent during epidemics.


Agri is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity exclusively to the drug. Children Agri take 3 years. Research on the impact of the homeopathic remedy during pregnancy and lactation has not been, so take it during these periods is not recommended.

Instructions for use Agri

Antigrippin Agri take 15 minutes before a meal, one tablet or 5 granules. Like other homeopathic remedies, Agri be kept in the mouth until dissolved.

In the first two days of illness when symptoms of intoxication and fever drug taking every 30-60 minutes, alternating composition №1 and №2. With the improvement of the interval can be increased dosing to 2-3 times a day. Treatment usually lasts 10 days. In the opinion of the Agri effectively begin to take at the first sign of the disease.

 Agri children
 To prevent antigrippin Agri taken once a day, preferably in the morning for 15 minutes before a meal, alternating compositions.

Children Agri is also used as an adult.

The drug can be combined with other antiviral drugs.

side effects

Agri according to the instructions is well tolerated, in rare cases, minor allergic reactions to the drug.

storage conditions

Antigrippin Agri available in pharmacies without a prescription. Shelf life - 3 years.