Afobazol - refers to a group of medicines aksiolitikov (drugs that reduce anxiety). The active ingredient of the drug - afobazol.

Pharmacological action

Afobazol refers to the calming drugs that reduce anxiety. Application Afobazol does not lead to dependence on the drug, even when relatively long reception. The drug has no negative effect on memory and concentration, it does not reduce muscle tone, which is confirmed by reviews on afobazole. When receiving Afobazol not observed withdrawal, ie the sudden discontinuation of the drug does not develop deterioration in the patient's condition.

According to the instructions, Afobazol has a dual action: relieves anxiety and has a mild stimulation. Reduction of anxiety and nervous tension leads to an improvement both mental and physical condition of the patient. The action of the drug, aimed at reducing anxiety, eliminates symptoms (muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal), which are present in the somatic disorders. It also reduces the frequency of autonomic disorders (sweating, dry mouth, dizziness).

Use of the drug improves memory and concentration, which is confirmed by the positive reviews on afobazole.

Positive dynamics is observed in the state 5-7 days after receiving the drug. The maximum effect after 3-4 weeks and retained for another one or two weeks, depending on the metabolic state of the patient. Afobazol well it helps patients who are concerned about mistrust, increased vulnerability, emotional instability, insecurity. The good effect of the drug is proved by positive reviews on afobazole.

According to the instructions, Afobazol well absorbed and the digestive tract, has a high degree of binding to plasma proteins. The drug quickly enough removed from the body, which reduces the likelihood of overdose Afobazol.

Indications Afobazol

Application Afobazol expedient in such cases:

 Afobazol prescribed for anxiety disorders
 - Anxiety: neurasthenia, adjustment disorder, general anxiety disorder;

- Somatic diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, ischemia, hypertension, arrhythmia, systemic lupus erythematosus;

- Cancer and dermatological diseases (indication);

- Sleep disorders;

- Cardiopsychoneurosis;

- Premenstrual syndrome;

- Alcohol withdrawal syndrome;

- To facilitate the state in case of failure of the cigarettes.

Dosing and Administration Afobazol

According to the instructions afobazole, the drug is taken orally, preferably after a meal.

Dose Afobazol selected individually depending on the severity and course of the disease. At the initial stage of treatment Afobazol dose is 10 mg single dose, daily dose - 30 mg. According to testimony, the use of Afobazol may be increased to 60 mg \ day. The course of treatment is 2-4 weeks afobazole, if necessary, the doctor can extend the treatment up to 3 months or to appoint a second course after a certain period of time.

Side effects

According to the instructions, Afobazol can have such side effects:

- Allergy;

- Diarrhea (diarrhea);

- Nausea;

- Vomiting.

Contraindications Afobazol

Contraindications to the use Afobazol is:

- The age of 18;

- Pregnancy;

- Lactation;

- Intolerance of components Afobazol;

- Hypolactasia (lactose intolerance).

Afobazol and alcohol

Afobazol does not increase the narcotic effect of alcohol, so when receiving Afobazol alcohol drug will not cause poisoning. But take alcohol during treatment still not worth it, because you can reduce or nullify the effect of treatment afobazole.

The principle of operation of alcohol and Afobazol the central nervous system is different, so the intake of alcohol and Afobazol time can reduce or completely eliminate the positive effect of receiving Afobazol. This is due to the fact that the alcohol inhibits the function of the nervous system, and Afobazol contrary, activates.

The combination of alcohol and Afobazol the treatment of hormonal disorders in women are not hello to a positive result.