Hibiscus extract - active substance Aflazina

Aflazin - a vitamin of vegetable origin (hibiscus extract).

Pharmacological action

The active substance Aflazina - hibiscus extract contains organic acids (gibiskovuyu, citric, pyrocatechol, oksiyantarnuyu), vitamins, bioflavonoids, polysaccharides, which allows the drug is bacteriostatic activity against many pathogens of urinary tract infections.

The drug has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, a release action. From reviews Aflazine it knows that it prevents and dizuricheskie manifestations - painful and unpleasant sensations during urination, false and frequent urination.

Product form

Aflazin available in capsules.


According to the instructions Aflazin indicated for the treatment of chronic, acute urinary tract infection, asymptomatic bacteriuria (including in pregnant women), for the prevention of urinary calculi, and the development of acute urinary tract infections of different nature (including after intervention tool).

Instructions for use Aflazina

 Children older than 12 liters. and adults prescribed to take two Aflazin p. / day one capsule. Children from 6 to 12 liters. Aflazin for instructions give a p. / Day and one capsule.

The average duration of treatment of acute inflammation and exacerbations in chronic stage - from 4 to 6 weeks. For prevention Aflazin used from two to four weeks.

Admission Aflazina independent of meals.

side effects

Possible allergic reactions because you are hypersensitive Aflazina.

There were no reviews on Aflazine suggestive of poisoning after overdose. The drug can be used in conjunction with antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents. In addition, no significant effects of the interaction of Aflazina with other drugs.

It has been established that the agent does not affect the person's ability to manage the transport and complex mechanisms


Do not apply when there Aflazin sensitivity hibiscus extract and auxiliary components of the drug.

During the first trimester of pregnancy Aflazin can be used only on prescription. Over the next trimester and during lactation Aflazina application does not require special medical monitoring.