Aescusan - based drug  Oral solution Aescusan
 phytocomponents, aimed at combating infringements of venous circulation.

Pharmacological action Aescusan

The active components of the composition Aescusan allow the use of the drug as an agent for various disorders of the blood flow in the veins. Thanks to the horse chestnut extract preparation according to medical reviews on Eskuzane, has venotonic and antiexudative action. Furthermore, the content of the extract affects the ability Aescusan reduce the concentration of lysosomal enzymes, resulting in the area of ​​the capillary walls decrease decay mucopolysaccharides.

Also Aescusan reduces vascular permeability, which prevents the filtering water, electrolytes and low molecular weight proteins to the intercellular space.

In medical reviews on Eskuzane based on randomized cross and double-blind studies, notes the decrease trans-capillary filtration and pronounced decrease a feeling of heaviness, swelling, tension, fatigue, pain and itching during treatment.

Form release Aescusan

Form release Aescusan - oral solution. Its color can vary from yellow to light brown permissible precipitation and the appearance of turbidity. The solution has a characteristic odor. The main active ingredient of the drug is a dry extract of horse chestnut.

The volume of the drug in a dark glass vial is 20 ml. The bottle is equipped with a dropper and packed in a cardboard box.

Indications Aescusan

Instructions to Eskuzanu recommended the drug for the following types of diseases and ailments:

  • In chronic post-thrombotic venous insufficiency and varicose origin, as well as on the background of the various complications of the disease, including diseases that have a functional connection with the violation of the blood supply;
  • When cramps and swelling in the calf muscles;
  • If you experience pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • When hemorrhoids;
  • When varicose veins.


Aescusan has no specific contraindications. Fear is only of allergies caused by hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation. Before taking you must ensure its absence.

Instructions for use Aescusan

Aescusan be taken three times a day, before meals, in an amount of 12-15 drops. After receiving the drug should be washed down with a little water. By instructions to Eskuzanu duration of treatment is 3 months. Repeat treatment is permissible after consultation with physician.

Before each use, the bottle must be shaken.

Side effects

Usually,  Tablets Aescusan
 during reception Aescusan and analogs of side effects of the drug possible. In rare cases, may cause irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa.


Eskuzane ethanol content reaches 31%. This fact should be taken into account when applying the drug during lactation.

Means acceptable to use during pregnancy if the patient is diagnosed varicose veins and peripheral venous edema.

Long-term storage Aescusan able to entail the formation of sediment and turbidity of the solution. Efficacy is not changed.

Aescusan and analogues of the drug

Among the drugs that are similar in structure and mode of action with Eskuzanom, know the following:

  • Thiamine and Escin;
  • Aestsin;
  • Escin.

Storage conditions

Keep Aescusan should be no more than 3 years under suitable conditions: in a place that is sheltered from the light and away from children, where the temperature does not rise above 25 ° C.