Aekol - a combined topical vitamin preparation that is used for healing wounds having protivoozhogovym and metabolic action.

Pharmacological action Aekola

Effect tissue regeneration is achieved by the pharmacological properties of the components Aekola - vitamin A (retinol palmitate), vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate), beta-carotene, menadione.

Vitamins A, E beneficial effect on tissue trophism, in particular, retinol, regulates cell metabolism helps to rejuvenate tissue, increases cellular immunity.

Beta-carotene, except important immunostimulatory properties are also involved in the regeneration processes in epithelial tissues, can increase their resistance to infection.

Menadione, a synthetic vitamin K analogue, normalizes blood clotting.

Form release Aekola

According to the instructions Aekol produced in oil form as a topical solution, usually in bottles of 100 ml, glass dark yellow.

Indications and applications Aekola

 Application aekola - outdoor
 Application Aekola practice externally in such cases:

1. In proctology - how microclysters, tampons, bandages Aekolom for healing cracks rectal mucosa for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Normally, as instructed Aekola, prescribe a course of 10-12 days. At 30-50ml vitamin complex.

2. In gynecology - a swab wetted Aekolom to treat uterine cervical erosion, endocervicitis, vaginitis. The procedure is prescribed by the attending physician, and according to the instructions Aekola - their number varies from one to 15.

3. Surgery - in the form of dressings for the healing of infected wounds of the skin, varicose and trophic ulcers;

4. For the treatment of burns, stage II and III that have been infected;

5. When the recovery operations of the skin with the help of healthy tissue transplant patient (autodermaplasty);

To resolve and healing of pressure sores;

For the treatment of scleroderma (loss of small vessels inflammatory external manifestations);

For external use, following the instructions Aekola bandages applied to the affected areas with an interval of one day, as long as the restoration of the mucosa or the skin will not be noticeable, and while on the ground damages the connective tissue is formed.

Use vitamin complex Aekol and cosmetology widely used Aekol hair in the form of applications, or as a component of cosmetic masks, mostly for dry hair. You can lubricate Aekolom hair tips, you can connect it with henna, oil, for example, and apply on the hair, spreading over their entire length. The positive effect of the use Aekola provided hair restoring properties A, E vitamins.

Side effects after applying Aekola

Local allergic reactions, rarely diarrhea.


Serious contraindications were found, only idiosyncrasy vitamin complex.

Recommended prior to use, especially in the domestic environment (using Aekola hair) to carry out a standard test for allergies: to put a little money on the wrist or the elbow, and watch for 24 hours. The absence of any cutaneous manifestations (redness, peeling, itching) may indicate that contraindications Aekola not. Safer such tests carried out under the supervision of a physician, and strictly follow the instructions Aekola.

No contraindications for use Aekola during pregnancy, but this must be done strictly on the attending physician, and after the elimination of intolerance Aekola.